3 Decimal Points for ACS-30 Scale

Hi, i recently moved this scale to a new location - somehow the weight now is only showing 1 decimal point rather than the usual 3 decimal points. I've searched online there isn't much straight forward answer. Another difference I notice is the display turn of by itself after a while - it's on when you put something on it - rather than the usual on all the time.

The scale looks like one in here: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/2020-Hot-sell-countin...

Anyone knows how to fix this?


  • Maybe when you moved the unit, it was unplugged for long enough for the internal battery to go flat and the unit has reverted to factory default settings or something. There should be some way to change the settings from the keypad. Have you tried searching for a manual using Google? Or Googling for the company that made it (is there a label on the unit with a manufacturer and model number somewhere) and contacting them?

  • Actually, I just had a thought - is it possible that the scale has changed from grams to some other unit? It's hard to see what all the buttons say from the Alibaba images, but is there a key that lets you set units?