Samsung Galaxy Watch - Rose Gold

Its been a while i am looking for a decent deal for Samsung Smart watch in Rose Gold. This will be for my Partner but i am not sure which model to look up?
I was in Costco the other day and they had SM-R810NZDAXSA in 42mm for $459.99. Today I looked one on Samsung Educational store and found this model SM-R820NZDAXSA for $356.85.
Another one on Samsung Store model SM-R815FZDAXSA for $599. And lastly, Catch has one too on special but only MN Black so can't look anymore there. Found this on Amazon SM-R835FZDAXSA for $425.80

Pls help me in selecting first and this R810, 815, 820 and 835 Just confusing me. Pls recommend one with best reviews.

I don't no much about smart watches but i can see that some are only GPS and some are BT. Does anyone knows here which one to go with? This is first time I am looking for one for my partner.

Note: I will also buy a Samsung S20 FE soon so need something best fit to her.

Appreciate your help.



  • This will help out with the models Galaxy Watch Models

  • It depends what you value more. LTE requires a plan if away from the phone and only specific carriers like Optus offer cellular data on it. LTE also drains the battery more than bluetooth. If your partner always has her phone around her I would go for bluetooth, LTE is more for when you are away from your Samsung phone and want to look at msgs and stuff. There are also different sizes, 44mm and 40mm so watch out for that too. Also if you sign up to samsung newsletter you get a $50 voucher for purchases over $350 bringing down the education store price to $305 for the samsung galaxy active 2 bluetooth.

  • Any one help me pls in selecting right watch for my Mrs as i am after tap and pay plus notifications on her watch. But confused between Active 2 ad samsung watch or samsung watch 3?