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Tool - Fear Inoculum Limited Edition CD+ Visual Experience + MP3 Download $79.28 + Ship ($0 /W Prime) @ Amazon US via AU



CD, BOOKLET, VISUALS, RRP 150 AUD in local stores. It's even cheaper than the local pricing for the Book edition at 89.95 which is the cheaper/more common edition of the album.

Pretty hard to get on release, still kind of hard to find sometimes. Definitely worth it for the fans.


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  • Masterpiece!

  • Once review said it's missing 3 tracks so you need a streaming service to hear the whole thing?

    • You get the MP3 version as well with the 3 tracks included. It's worth it for the experience. It's very awesome it's a work of art.

    • That's because of the length of the album, and is true of all CD editions. The missing tracks are just the interludes between tracks, which some would argue is of low value.

    • I just discovered the screen is in 3d. You have to watch it dead straight in the dark to get the best effect. It's crazy.

  • The physical media is so beautiful that if it gets rare will be a real collectable. The music on this one I just don't love like previous albums which is a shame.

    • Adam and Justin really pushed the boundaries of drawn out notes, to the point it can be a bit uncomfortable. Once I heard Justin explain that the album took on a whole new persona.
      I am a die hard in any case, the boys could shit on a whiteboard and call it the magnum opus and I'd throw money at them
      Kind of pathetic, but yeah.

      • Except literally everything they do is amazing. When the quality drops, then I'd think about not buying. That has certainly not happened.

      • He's wrong about his own opinion?

        • Not exactly. I had the same opinion for a long while so I really just think there needs to be a 'yet' in the statement.

          What's wrong is to expect to love it like previous albums, which have had many years to stew and be memorable/important for whatever reason. Give it time and the right frame of mind and anyone should come to realise it's just as good as any of the others, if not better.

          I wouldn't usually give a toss about or comment on other peoples opinion but using the word 'shame' in reference to this album is just not on.

          • @watts: Again you've misconstrued what he's saying. He didn't use 'shame' in reference to the album, he used it in reference to the fact that he doesn't love it like their previous albums. He's not saying the album is shameful, just that he wishes he liked it more than he does.

            • @Pulseidon:

              He's not saying the album is shameful,

              That's not how I construed the comment at all.

              Geez, all I'm trying to do discourage the mindset that this album is somehow lesser than others. I don't see any harm in that.

              It gets better with every listen and really takes time to appreciate in my experience, so I'd hate for anyone to form a negative opinion and write it off prematurely.

              • @watts: Wow, love the passion that Tool brings out in people :-)
                Remember this is art and art is subjective.
                I was saying I want to love it more and I don't. Maybe you're right that it will grow on me and maybe you're not.
                It's art and that should be OK.

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    There are also different variants of the cover art which seems to affect value/desirability.



    • Yeah, I bought a copy last time it was on Amazon US for about $70, I got the more "common" of the variants, not sure if the more desirable variants are gone for good now or if they are still being printed (or is this whole set OOP now?)

    • wow. i didn't know about this.
      cover 'A' for both of mine.

  • Brilliant, perfect birthday gift. Thanks OP.

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    See Tool, give upvote.

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    i bought two copies for $69.14 each when it was first released. it went up to some stupid prices last year so glad to see more sensible pricing. get one if you missed out before.

  • Thanks! I've been meaning to pick this up, I love the album (and loved seeing them in concert before lockdown started).

  • greatest band in the world.

    I managed to score this from Amazon US when it was released for $80 AUD. My back cover print is the Danny Carey star one. Never opened it.

    Brilliant record - 7empest is totally out of their comfort zone (15 mins long, 7/4 time signature the whole time (or 21 if you count in triplets), worth a grammy win that's for sure!!

  • Thanks OP, bought one.

    Last Tool album bought was Aenima with the 3D CD cover.

    Then it was all Mp3's in the 2000's, havent bought a physical CD for a loooooooooooooooooog time.

  • I like 7empest, but the rest of the album hasn't grown on me .. and shit it's been out a year already. Time flies.. This release is pretty cool to have if you're a collector though, I just wish it used thicker cardboard. 10,000 Days 'feels' more special than this.

    • Invincible is my jam on this album. Tempest rocks out, but sometimes feels like they are throwing every ingredient from the pantry into the pot. The other tracks on the album demonstrate more restrained use of herbs and spices!

  • Grabbed one for the old man. We flew to Sydney to see the concert together, right before Covid punched the world square in the balls.

  • Thanks for sharing OP.
    They also shared their album on Youtube, upon release.

  • Only coming up at $170.67?

  • 2 days we cleaned them out :)