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[eBay Plus] DJI Tello Drone $99 Delivered @ Allphones eBay


Just saw this on the ebay banner. Only 60 available for sale. Might need to be quick if you want one.

Starts at 10am!

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  • Wow, can't believe how cheap drones have become. I have a DJI Spark which I rarely use, and part of that was I was afraid to lose/damage it given how much it cost at launch. Is the Tello superior in any way or is it just a budget drone which does the same thing?

    EDIT: Found this pretty decent guide/explanation comparing both of these: https://www.halfchrome.com/tello-vs-spark/

    EDIT 2: "More than 10 available / 63 sold in one hour" - looks like there's decent stock still even at 10:15am.

    • budget drone. Does most of the stuff and great value for the price range.
      But you cant fly outside if its windy.

      Spark is heaps better if you can little bit of extra IMO

    • NO GPS. Brushed motors. No gimbal stabilisation or pan/tilt for camera.
      No comparison.

      • Why need gps you have eyes right? It’s for strolling down park your not making an assasination

        • you won't lost it, that's the reason is better to have GPS.

        • Anyone who has used both gps and non-gps drones outdoors knows the difference.

          With GPS, a drone can hover and not be blown away by the wind.
          And eyes? I know drones are supposed to stay in your sight, but where is the fun in that?
          The Tello is good indoors, or on a windless day (rare here in perth!). The Spark can fly across the river or harbour, without losing it.
          Big price difference too of course.

        • If he had a good throwing arm and attachrd something ridiculously sharp or explosive to it, I'm sure he could make it work. He's just salty coz can't aim

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    Not entirely a deal. I got it from Lettronic.com for $85 and it came within a week

    • thanks, and it is still available for $85 with free shipping

      • what website ? Lettronic.com is that Australian ?
        wow cheaper.. those people buying from ebay at 99, must be busy cancelling

        • I was checking Lettronic website but it looks dodgy. It's like a dude just made up a website and selling things. Checking the address provided and it's a dirt road. You'll be lucky to get the item but damn sure you can't do anything if you don't or its faulty.

          • @itstuan: they only accept paypal so the worst you will do is get your money back, and it's sold in Australia so you might be able to get warranty from the usual place.

            But agree the seller doesn't look very big/established, but I wouldn't judge them on that alone. Clearly the fellow above got his and is happy

            • @Jackson: or the fella above lives on that dirt road

              • @bex000: No idea about the vendor but I live in Noosa.
                Just sharing honest account of my purchase.

                Unrelated but Ozbargain had me worried about tobydeals too. I'm sure they are worthy whatever criticism but I got the Xiaomi V10 from them without issue too. Ozb had me convinced I'd have to issue a charge back or something.

                Just use safe payment methods and work for your savings.

                • @ndftz: agree. i never bougth from toby, but my other mate bought several times, last month bought again a mobile phone arrived here in 2 weeks he is happy .

            • @Jackson: Got one too. Last time I checked There's still stock. So if we encounter issues we can get our money back yeah?

            • @Jackson: I would judge that alone before sending my money. Even if the seller is genuine, doesn’t make the item warranted by manufacturer. Its no different than buying things on gumtree.
              Sorry just saying some facts, I would only buy from reputable business. When things go wrong, they’re less likely to screw you over.

    • still $85 too

    • Thanks just bought one of lettronic, will see how it goes. Bargain at $85
      Here is the Link for the $85 DJI Tello drone

    • most likely the dude is triangulation scam

    • Website is very slow, probably getting ozbargained…

    • pretty sure what happens with these dodgy sites are that, they price match with Officeworks and pay with with a fraudulent credit card

      • agree shoddy but just wondering why you said price match, can they just buy online with fraud cc ?
        also, why selling this budget drones then, why not go all the way selling iPhones and Tvs?

    • Can you please share if its a good one for the price?

    • Ndftz can you comment on the quality?

      • It was a gift for a colleague but yeah it was a legitimate DJI drone. Seemed fine. Saw some short clips from him. Pretty decent gift for a fellow techie

        I actually don't own any drones, but am tempted - just can't ever decide.

  • Go for combo one if you want to buy this.
    Otherwise, you will end up buying batteries separate

  • Why don't they release v2 with a better camera…

  • Do you need a licence to fly this?

  • where is the ebay banner i dont see it

  • https://www.t3.com/au/news/t3-awards-2020-ryze-tello-is-unto...

    still popular? no xiaomi drone in similar price that can beat this?

  • Oos….

  • That was gone quick

  • power of ozb… 130 sold at $99 = $ 12,870 gone in a flash for something that may be collecting dust in a month or two…
    and we are heading to recession due to covid? no way!

  • Wife said no :(

    Any tips on how to convince her?

  • Okay drone for flying indoors or outdoors when there's no wind at all. Camera does the job but it's nothing great. The drone connects via WiFi to your phone so dropouts can be a problem, and range isn't anything great unless you buy a range extender. The DJI app does the job but the Tello FPV app is much better, but costs I think $8.

    The Tello was my first drone and knowing what I know now I would save that $100 and put it towards something that can handle a more than a light breeze outdoors.

    • so better buying a cheaper under 50 drone, then going up if you are still having fun

      • If you just want a drone to see what it's like $100 isn't bad. If you can find something cheaper with the same sort of specs go for that. If you think you're likely to buy something good and get in tot he hobby then save your money for that drone. The thing is, any drone around that price point will pretty much be only to fly indoors or on a very still day, so you're likely to not get a great experience. Once I got the Tello I ordered my next drone a day later because I wanted to go a decent distance, take decent photos and videos, and since then I haven't touched the Tello.

    • The drone experience can be very different depending on the features. You might be better off getting a second hand (or a new) Mavic Mini or other "true" entry drone. If you don't like you can onsell again.

      This is my opinion

  • Any recommendations for something in the 150 range that can be used outdoors?

  • Online reivews say Video is choppy and laggy .. anyone has experience using this drone?