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Buy One Get One Free 4K, Blu-Ray, DVD Movies, TV Series from $13 @ Kicks


Our biggest sale ever has landed! Buy one get one free! Prices from $13. Includes over 470 4K, Blu-ray and DVD movies and TV series. Hurry, sale ends 25 October. While stocks last.

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  • The 4K UHD prices with B1G1F are pretty much the normal price @ Amazon. A lot of them are actually MORE expensive even with this "deal"!

    • Yep totally agree. No deal. Just jack up the prices and then give them a discount. I bought 1917 for $20 a while ago and you guys are selling it for $40. Pff

    • I don’t know the size of the Kicks business, but you’re comparing apples and oranges. Amazon is a $1tn company with buying power such that they can name their price to suppliers. They use robots, AI and underpaid non unionised workers to sort and pack the packages. Amazon prices are pretty much a benchmark for others to see if they can get close to. Because when Amazon buys a DVD, they buy 10,000 of them but Kicks will buy maybe 5. I just bought some books from Boomerang Books for a tad more than they were on Amazon, because that’s money supporting Aussie business with Aussie owners who are struggling, not a company the size of a whole nation who are doing really well out of COVID, with a billionaire CEO. I encourage everyone to try to keep this stuff in mind when buying anything.

      • Actually last night I looked them up, from their About Us page:

        Australia’s leading home entertainment distributor, Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (ABN 39 152 425 735), is the driving force behind KICKS. As we continue to connect with more studios and producers, our catalogue continues to grow. And as Australians continue to shop more and more online, we too are expanding in this space.

        Universal pictures. Yeah they ain’t no mum and dad business. But my point is still valid.