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Grad. Cert in Counselling Online at Excelsia College All Paid for with CSP (Usually $10,490)


I was looking to do a Masters in Counselling and this course provides the first semester paid for through the govt.’s COVID relief plan.

I know it says Commonwealth Supported, but for some reason at this College it’s totally free for the student. I’m half way through the course and can confirm there’s no cost. It’s also a religious college so I know it’s not for everyone. But I’m not religious and find it ok, but it is addressed in the teaching. While it Is online, there is still a lot of work involved in the course, and you have to study full time to qualify for the CSP.

You can also do the Grad Cert in Classroom Innovation.

To qualify for a CSP place, you will need to start the course in November and finish by/before the 20th Feb 2021.

This presents a unique opportunity to support people looking to upskill and whose employment has been affected by COVID-19. The courses can help build new skills and set students on a path to employment and or further study. Places are strictly limited.

  • These courses are available to domestic students only.

Good for anyone that wants to upskill. You don't have to prove you have been affected by COVID-19.
You need to be able to meet the enrolment requirements and have an interview to do the course.

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  • Do they offer free edu. email for participate the course?

    • You need to be able to meet the enrolment requirements and have an interview to do the course.

      Ask them during the interview /qualification test?

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    Free Grad. Cert in Counselling


    I've forwarded this to our local Mayor.
    They might find it useful.

  • Is it full time study?

  • free thanks to the government and COVID-19.

    This course is funded by CSP/Excelsia

    So which is it?

    • think they mean both. CSP subsidies the course, then Excelsia covers the student contribution fee from what I can tell based on other comments.

      "This subsidy does not cover the entire cost of your study. Students must pay the rest, called the 'student contribution amount" -CSP.

    • I’m guessing both. CSP usually only covers a portion of the course.

  • For any teachers who believe in secular education, this isn’t for you.

  • CSP doesn't mean free. Where does it say it is free?

    • There’s no student contribution on this course. I’m doing it with them and have confirmation via email. I’m not sure if the school is paying a portion, but it’s 100% subsidised and there’s no fee for students

  • can you qualify for austudy by doing this?

  • From my understanding it is only partially funded and you still have to pay a student contribution - not sure of the $$$ involved….

    • No. I’m studying with them. There’s no student contribution. I also double checked via email

  • Hey bluepop
    I can't send you a PM so have to ask questions here:
    1. is the process to apply difficult? ie a video interview required & if so do i need to prove anything as i have no experience in this area of study or work
    2. is the course able to be completed whilst working full time?
    I have luckily not been affected by Covid so unsure if that would be an issue

      1. It’s not too hard to apply, but it’s post-grad study so you need an undergraduate. Otherwise the description says they’ll take you with experience. The interview was very simple but they want to know ‘why’ you’re studying. And ‘why’ you chose them. So have a story, like it will help in your job, or for PD.
      2. A lot of students are working full time so it’s do-able. But there’s an online class that’s all day Saturday - which is the hard part.
        I’m not affected by COVID either. It never came up- but you could say you want to be a Counsellor to help people who are.
  • Info from the college.


    1) This course is entirely free - the government subsidises your fee and there is nothing to pay back in the future,
    2) This course is completely online (there is a commitment to online classes every Saturday)
    3) The subsidy is only available for full-time students
    4) The course will begin on the 24th of October
    5) There will be a break over Christmas (more details in the timetable)
    6) An approximation of the time commitment is 20 hours a week (classes, study and assignments)

  • Idk if I should do this… to become a fully qualified counselling, we may have to apply for a Graduate Diploma of Counselling I think

    • There’s all different levels and places you can register. The lady at interview told me you had to do a Grad Dip but the counsellors teaching said you can start with a Grad Cert. You can register with ACA as a registered counsellor with the Grad Cert. And different jobs have different requirements.
      If you want to go on it is paying for the first semester of Grad Dip or first semester of a Masters. I think a lot of people plan to continue studies.
      I’m only half way through the course but the subject I’ve completed taught everything in the counselling session from opening, closing, charging and initial assessment.
      I am going to be a life coach and just wanted to add more credibility.

      • I have completed bachelor of Business (major in Human resource & sub major marketing). Not sure if i am eligible for this course. Because my previous degree is Business. Not social work or related field…

        Is the course hard.
        24/10 til 13/2. 2-3 weeks break.
        Not bad to upgrade skill.

        • No not hard. Just time consuming. I think you can say anything is relevant. The skills I’ve learnt have taught me how to communicate with people and how to understand how I communicate with people.