SOLVED: Picking up a bicycle beyond 5km Radius

Hi all, I really liked a bike in on Facebook market place only to find it is available in Tarniet, Vic. I am an essential worker but my work is based in Melbourne cbd and I live in the Northern suburbs. How can I make the delivery or pickup happen. Looking for options as I still have to pay this person.

Paid $30 Bucks on Airtasker and got it delivered :-)


  • Taxi to pick up bike and deliver.

    $60 maybe.

    How much is the bike?

  • Try Airtasker

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    I think you just need to accept that you can't at this time.

  • looks like you will need to find a mate within 5 km of Tarneit to pick it up.
    Than another mate within 5km of that mate and so forth until it gets to you.

    • This is exactly it, in order for us to not spread the virus we need 4 or 5 mini meet ups instead of one person making the trip. Loving these covid Captain call rules

        • Thanks, I am happy to excite some members of the community with some facts.

          Here’s another fact, one Andrews has conceded, (Many many) more cases of tramission occur during the hours of 8am and 5pm than 8pm to 5am. So the curfew was not in place due to the data as he continues to tell us.

          • @cloudy: The curfew hours are when people have parties and the concept of social distancing etc goes out the window. There is very little, actual, benefit in having people freely moving around during the curfew hours; especially when you can’t visit people and most of the retail are closed. What we should be looking at, in easing restrictions, is the best bang for buck and dropping curfew is not it. Personally I would be happier if they opened up the strip shopping and low contact small businesses; provided they follow the drill we could get a bit more of the economy moving.

            • @try2bhelpful: People can still have parties during the day. The curfew does nothing to stop parties, parties are already illegal why do we need to make it more illegal? If someone wants to break the law to have a party I doubt another law to make it more illegal would change their minds.

              But plenty of legal activities were stopped due to curfew.

              This is essentially banning all knife to stop a stabbing

              • @cloudy: Parties are much more likely to be occurring during curfew hours than during the day; especially amongst people who are irresponsible enough to be getting drunk and drop social distancing, hygiene etc. The curfew gives the cops a better chance to intercept people before they hold a gathering. Also people at these gatherings tend to disperse if the cops turn up so it is easier to get them on curfew breaking than to link them to the gathering. The “lawful” things that can happen during curfew could also be done outside curfew; it just requires people to be organised. However, the point is moot; the curfew has been dropped so let’s see if the cases kick up again, shall we? Let’s hope they’ve been in place long enough.

                Interesting you should bring up knives. There is a whole raft of legislation, both Federally and across the States, as to what knives you can purchase and/or carry. Specifically around the issue of people stabbing one another. Your analogy is flawed. There were things you could do outside curfew, in the same way there are some knives you can legally purchase. There is a recognised risk/benefit analysis in both cases.

                • @try2bhelpful:

                  The “lawful” things that can happen during curfew could also be done outside curfew; it just requires people to be organised.

                  This is a key point of contention that Andrews and most of his supporters have no understanding of. it is not a problem of organisation, it is a matter of choice, a matter of choosing to do things during odd hours to avoid crowds and have better social distancing opportunities and therefore be safe. People like Bruce are choosing to be safer by exercising at night, people like me are choosing to shop late becuase it has less people and easier to move thru isles without bumping into people. In fact the first day after curfew was placed, i (unsurprisingly) noticed heaps more people at my normal 7pm shopping time. People have their window of shopping shortened so they "organise their shopping to fit in with the last hours of opening, pushing 4-5 hours of shoppers into the 6.30pm-7.30 window. The check out person also commented it was busier during this time than afternoon.

                  People that choose to use odd hours are making it easier for themselves to social distance and for others as well, for the benefit of everyone.

                  Speaking of risk/reward, you can see there is a clear increase of health risk posed by the curfew with the reward of "being more easily able to enforce current laws", the argument is meek and even the CHO himself has stated it was not his advice to implement a curfew.

                  also thanks for the neg (whomever it was, I collect them :))

                  • @cloudy: It wasn't me who negged you.

                    Unfortunately "choice" is the window that the virus uses to go through society. People "choosing" to gather in groups without the right social distancing, masks, etc. It would be very interesting to know how many people would've been able to get their shopping done during daylight hours as opposed to those who then chose to do it during the just before curfew "after hours".

                    If everyone did the right thing then we wouldn't need the restrictions that have been placed on us.

                    As I have indicated, the issue is now moot. The curfew has been blown away so it will not be interesting to see if we get an uptick in the infection numbers. I'm rather hoping that all the restrictions that were put in place have been enough we can still force this down to numbers where if something pops its head above the parapet we can play whack a mole with it. Only time will tell now.

                    • @try2bhelpful:

                      Unfortunately "choice" is the window that the virus uses to go through society.

                      See this is where falsehoods and fakenews continues to thrive. The virus continues to spread due to infected people being in close contact with other people. Not because of anything else, so many falsehoods like fishing by yourself, learner drivers driving around streets, people picking up food (as opposed to having another person pick it and deliver it) is spreading the virus is just not helping.

                      keep on placing Draconian restrictions, and not win the peoples hearts and trust, and you have people who think the premier is just full of shit and continue to break even more rules.

                      I fear once restrictions are relaxed we'll have a 3rd spike with such an approach

                      • @cloudy: The "Draconian" restrictions are what is working; once the disease gets any sort of foothold, you need to, quickly, get the numbers down to where outbreaks can be easily stomped down again. The Europeans went hard early, and had some success, but they then decided they could "manage" the restrictions before they had the numbers down sufficiently to be able stamp out spikes; so now they are escalating again. The only way to beat this disease is to try to do a reset and that means people reduce their interaction with others as much as possible. When you start off with a whole lot of "exemptions" all you do is confuse people and then they decide, "if I can do this then I should also be able to do that" then it all breaks down again. Unfortunately common sense appears to be something that is in short supply; as shown by the QAnon people.

                        I also fear that once the restrictions are relaxed a 3rd spike will happen, which is why I want the numbers down as low as possible before people run around like chickens. Hopefully the increased testing in hot spots industries will help us to find outbreaks before they run too wild.

                        People need to be adults. The restrictions aren't pleasant but they aren't really "draconian". God knows how some people would've dealt with the siege of Leningrad, or the blitz in London. When people are dying it is churlish to complain about not being able to play golf. If we had stuck with our original schedule for opening up then we might've been able to catch the people who were infected before they attended large family gatherings and, quickly, spread this thing. There are a lot of "what ifs" and "why nots" but the biggest thing, right now, is how do we get the best bang for buck in getting this disease down. It is not by "going biking after dark" it is not by "playing golf" it is by finding what economic levers we can safely pull to get the disease under control and get the economy ticking again. Me, I would prefer to see the curfew stay, the 5Km rule stay and start opening up the low risk local businesses; especially in low infection rate areas. Keep the disease corralled into smaller areas and concentrate on where the infection is most likely to be. Take away the curfews, take away the 5 Km limits and the disease can work its way through people who are travelling around.

    • Or a string of mates, like a baton race.

  • Excuse: take the western ring road because it is faster than driving through inner Melbourne. Might be able to get away with it!

  • Couldn't you just pay him the money and let it sit there till the restriction is over? Also, I've known people that have driven like 10km+ multiple times and nothing happens to them.

    • Until they are caught. That is why the penalties are high. The odds on being caught are low but it is a real whack if you are caught.

  • Ask if they're ok with hanging on to it for a while, pay some now and pay the rest in person when the restrictions are lifted (likely won't be long) and you can collect it.
    Otherwise I can't see any option; given it's facebook marketplace it's not reasonable to expect you to pay in full without collecting or the seller to hold the item without any payment.

  • Personally just find one closer. What makes this one such a dea? If you have to have, see if the seller can hold it for you. But doubt they will unless you pay some deposit, but the seller could scam you.

  • There’s a loophole about visiting sexual partners which can be over 5km.

    You just have to convince the buyer to be homosexual with you and then you can ride the bike back home .

    Just saying .

  • If you are single and have not formed a bubble with a family/buddy. Can the seller be that person?!?

  • Tarniet. Bike. Facebook.
    I suppose there's a chance it isn't stolen.

  • Could get a line of some friendly ozbargain volunteers that live in the right string of locations from A to B to pass this bike down the line?

    That would be some great community spirit.

    • Someone will probably steal it somewhere down the track and say I didn't receive it and blame the other person… OP would need to pick trustworthy volunteers….

  • How far out of the 5 km is the seller….maybe he can meet you halfway??

    • I see you only believe everything mainstream media shoves down your throat. A man of class.

  • Get the seller to meet you at "cross roads".

  • Find another essential worker working in CBD on airtasker or a work colleague who live <10km from the seller to pick the bike up and bring it into the CBD for you? (They can meet half way if they live over 5km apart.)

    You can do a video inspection before paying the seller.

    • Wish I had good helping people around but I would rather trust an "online seller" and pay a man with a van $30 bucks to do the pick/delivery for me.

  • Out of interest what did you end up doing, or don’t we want to know?