Cheapest 65" 4k TV with 120hz Refresh Rate

Hi all

As the title states, I'm looking for the cheapest 65" 4k TV with 120hz refresh rate. Any suggestions?



  • Sony 65" H9000, i paid $1995 delivered from GG 10 days ago.

  • Looking for the same thing OP.

    Alternatively, what's the cheapest 4k/120 tv for 50-55"?

  • TCL 65C715 has 200MHz Clear Motion Rate so should be 100Hz panel (I think). Can be had for $1200-1500 depending on sale:

    • There's no such thing as a 100Hz panel. There's 60 and 120Hz when it comes to TV panels.

      • Thanks, I stand corrected. I wasn't sure if any of the panels used here were locked in some way (hardware or firmware) to 50/100Hz but that doesn't appear to be the case.

    • If it is 120hz, it may only work at 1080p. You're not getting HDMI 2.1 at that price & [email protected] support is incredibly inconsistent.

  • Sony X9000H does the cheapest, looking at buying this too.

    But, it can only do HMDI 2.1 (120hz/4k) after a firmware update that has not been released on their systems yet.
    I'll wait to see how it works before forking out a couple of grand. Otherwise spending an extra grand for the Samsung Q95T looks likely.

  • Hard to tell as they're aren't many HDMI 2.1 outputs yet. HDMI 2.1 alone doesn't even guarantee [email protected] it seems so you'll want to confirm before any purchase regardless of what is advertised. In Australia, I wouldn't even bother looking beyond the big 3(Sony, Samsung & LG) if refresh rate is your primary concern.

    It also depends on how important [email protected] at the same time is to you, something like the Freesync enabled Samsung 65" RU8000 for $1600 should be able to do either [email protected] with VRR at a low response time or [email protected] with VRR at a low response time.

    Perfect for next gen console gaming imo- despite what the advertisements may suggest to you, most games definitely won't reach 4k AND 120hz at the same time, not without dynamically scaling either the resolution or frame rate or compromising on graphics. The RTX 3080 can't even manage it consistently at Ultra in most games.

    • Any idea where I could source one of these (RU8000)? Have been looking everywhere but to no avail

      • In store only

        I think the TU8000 is this year's version, but it doesn't have 120hz at any resolution I believe.

        Some of the Samsung q60 & above models support 120hz at 1440p but be very careful, check rtings & local reviews first. For example, just from memory, I BELIEVE the q60 does support it but the q60t does not. I also recall hearing a stutter issue with I think the q70t. Regardless, don't base it on my fuzzy memory, make sure to try to find specific info from reputable sources beyond the manufacturers own shifty advertising.

        Rtings(for international models), popular tech reviewing websites, even Whirlpool, Reddit & YouTube should help steer you for exact specifics. It's a minefield out there due to the unchallenged manufacturers' deception. Many TVs don't even story 1440p without a monitor forcing that resolution.

        200/240hz "motion rate" is a good place to start. Not something to rely on though. If it says 100, ignore it- if it advertises as 120(rare), just make sure it's native.