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[PS4, XB1] Remnant: From The Ashes $10 @ BIG W (in-Store Only)


Just thought I would re-share this offer as I didn't know it was also available for Xbox. Will vary store to store so call before heading out to find out if in-stock.
Use Woolworths gift cards via cashback to equate to $9.50.
Also on a side-note can be traded to EB games for $17 towards another game or used in the "trade 2 deal" for Cyberpunk/Mario/ Call of Duty.
Lastly, does not apply to Victorians in lock-down so please refrain from whining ( we get it, u can't leave the house!)

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  • Great game! Its DLCs are a bit buggy but definitely recommending the base game at this price.

  • Or FREE if ya have Xbox Game Pass!

  • https://au.webuy.com/m/?referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fau.webuy.com%...

    Buy and sell for 19$ cash or 24$ coupon in CEX store.

  • Just called Carindale and Garden City stores and they are out of stock for PS4. I didn't ask about XB1 though.

  • It was already posted here


    And good luck with finding the game in store, It has already been cleared out during the weekend

    • I bought it today at midday, so its still possible to find. They even still had Sekiro which I think is a bargain at $20

  • Had no luck scoring them in the Amazon deal but managed to grab two copies from Big W online which were delivered today. Now just have to wait for the PS5 so we can play co-op together as we already traded our second PS4 :(

  • Ah it's free on gamepass what's the point.

    • PlayStation.

      That and some people like to own their games.

      • I agree. Game Pass forces me to play games before they leave Game Pass. So long games like Red Dead, Witcher etc, I like to buy so i don't have to rush to play. Mostly use Game Pass for games im interested in but would never buy like Ori or Resident Evil. I started playing Devil May Cry and 3 weeks later it left Game Pass so I never finished it…

        • You need to be better at games.

          • @Mewmew: It's not that. Not everyone can play games every day. When you need to put food on the table, you don't go I must finish these games before they leave GamePass.

            Don't get me wrong, GamePass is great, but there is room for improvement. It would be good to have the date where each 3rd party game will leave GamePass clearly available / visible.

      • Not sure what's up with the down votes. Gamepass isn't on PlayStation so what I said was true. Same goes for people wanting to own their games.

        • People probably looked at the photo (which appears to be an Xbox One copy) and forgot to read the title.

          So, when a game is added to GamePass, it tends to make retailers drop prices (on both versions) so Sony PS4 owners could benefit from that. Who would have thought….