Good Cheap Lavalier Microphone from eBay

I'm looking to buy a cheap lavalier microphone from ebay <$10 and was looking for some recommendations. It's hard to find reviews for items from Ebay so I was wondering if anyone has purchase a similar product.
Right now I'm looking at this right now:
If anyone has any recommendations, please link below, ty
I don't need anything professional, but looking for one that's better than the one that comes with headphones.


  • I've tried 3 different ones <$20 and to be frank they weren't worth it. You'd be better off recording in a quiet place and just using an mobile phone pointed at the person speaking or sat beside the camera. These things are useless outside or with any noise unfortunately.

    I now have a Rode GO which cost me $85 and honestly its 50x better. You can use it in a loud place and it still picks up the person wearing it very well.

  • I have only one cheap lapel mic, and can't compare to quality brands like Rode Go which is apparently excellent.

    I bought this mic from Jaycar a few months ago after seeing it rated well on a forum somewhere. I've only used it a couple of times, and actually ran it as a wifi wireless mic connected to an old android phone, which worked brilliantly. As it's Jaycar they've got a decent 7-day return policy so if a store is nearby it could be worth a try.

  • Another vote for Rode Go - had to switch to online lecturing at short notice and this little mic made a huge difference to the audio quality.

    It’s just me speaking so it only needs to be clear and somewhat isolated from ambient noise, not audiophile quality.

  • Lavalier? Like the sheep's wool?

  • Cheap and good don't go together for lav mics.

    Would also recommend the Rode Go and possibly pair it with the Wireless Go if you're moving around/further away from the camera.