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Bowden's Own Snow Foam Cannon $69, 2L Snow Job $39 @ Repco


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    There is $11 difference; which one is better - Bowdens or Meguiar's?

    • Bowdens has the advantage over the Meguiar's, with the stubby bottle and it also foams better (I have both). The Meguiar's gold wash is also a poor snow foam, Bowdens Own one is better for sure, but there also many other options.

      The Autoglym has a wider mouth for easy filling, but the screw point is plastic and susceptible to breakage if you aren't careful. Can't comment on its performance, but have used ones that look identical and broke 2 of them at the bottle screw cap point. The performance on the doppelgangers was alright for the $35 I paid from eBay.

    • I bought the Karcher one cheaper than those, though I acknowledge I don't think it's made of brass.

  • Bowdens comes with only 100ml of detergent sample. Meguiars comes with a full proper size bottle (473ml) to use as car wash/foam agent. That aside, it's all about personal preference, everyone will have their own opinion.

    • How many times could you use the cannon with the sample bottle? Is it like 1 or 2 times, or more like 4 or 5?

      • Depending on the size of your car or how nuts you go with the foam, or even your pressure washers flow rate, you should be able to get 2-3 cars done easily per 100ml of Bowdens Own Snow job

        • Sweet thanks. I'm considering grabbing the 2L bottle but by the time i've washed the car a few times it'll probably be on sale again anyway :P

          • @krazynayba: Super cheap auto will have the 2L bottle for $39.99 from Oct 1st to the 18th if that helps. Its in the current catalogue. Cannon is gonna be $69.99 too 😜 Can always but it and give the 100 ml sample a crack and then pick up the 2l from SCA if you like it

  • just bought it from supercheap special last week for $79 :(

  • Which pressure washer is this compatible with?

    Will this be good to go with the recently deal on the Bosch High Pressure Washer EasyAquatak 100? Thanks.

    • The specs are very clear:

      Best used with a quality Pressure Washer

    • The connector they give you is for karcher or gernie I believe. I have one… i wouldn't pay full price… but discounted its reasonable

      • Well the Bosch High Pressure Washer EasyAquatak 100 comes with a Karcher adapter. Just have to figure how to connect it to the high quality Bosch High Pressure Washer EasyAquatak 100.

  • Newbie question: does it works well without pressure washer?

  • Bugger just purchased a MJJC from Aliexpress on Sunday after watching Detailing Geek on Youtube lol.

    • got a MJJC as they work well… and under half the price

      • ive got one as well and its good - i havent invested into bowdens at 60+$ (headache) but from what im seeying its very possibly a better snow foamer, just maybe not 30-40$ worth, better.

  • I bought the $20 generic bottle from eBay and it worked just fine

  • Just buy a generic one, exactly the same.

  • i got the bowdens from the last ozb sale, my kartcher attachment didnt fit, but after emailing their customer support with the issue, they emailed back and another person called first thing the next working day and sorted me out. haven't had customer service like that in a while but guessing being a small niche business they can still offer good customer service.

    was still annoying that i couldnt use it on the day i had put aside to wash the cars.

  • Does this make washing your car easier or? Is it spray on hose off and you're done?

    • "Bowden's Own Snow Blow Cannon is for fun and safe touchless washing. Snow foaming is a car pre-wash system which has become popular with professional detailers and hardcore enthusiasts. It's used before hand washing to reduce swirl marks and micro-scratching when washing. Attach the Bowdens Own Snow Blow Cannon to your pressure washer with the correct adapter, fill with water and the correct amount of Snow Job foam wash and you're ready to go."

      • Thanks, but does it actually make washing your car easier? I just can't imagine it smashing through the bugs etc. we get out where I live.

        • I think the idea is that this helps get rid of heavy dirt and the layer of contaminants that builds up on the surface. This prevents you from swirling more stuff into the paint when you go to actually scrub it down. My understanding is that it's meant to complement the car washing experience rather than replace it altogether. That said, I've also heard of people using it for a "maintenance" wash i.e. you clean the car fully with a sponge and all, but every couple of weeks give it a snow foam and rinse/dry in between proper washes to maintain the cleanness.

          • @krazynayba: Ahh, thank you for the clarification, I've never seen one used before

          • @krazynayba: How would you dry it after snow foam? You would have to air dry it (leaving all the water marks unfortunately), otherwise would risk to scratch the paint if using the towel on still dirty surface.

            • @DmytroP: Good point, I think you'd have to air dry it which would leave the water marks. It's still likely to be easier the next time you go to wash it but certainly not a perfect wash.

        • If bugs are an issue you should try 5star tar and bug remover. It's very aggressive and clears bugs off quick. It takes of any polish/wax as well so you have to re-apply if you're keen for a super sheen finish.

  • I know it's a different brand but wouldn't this be a better deal?


    • Value wise yes, performance wise its not as good, but not by much. Depends if you want to use a long bottle or a short stubby bottle (the short one stands better and has better weight balance). The Bowdens one also has a better quality aerator and produces better foam as a result

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      It is already in the OP's post

  • I've got the Meguiar's Snow Cannon and the foam works well. The only problem I have is the plastic bottle - Everytime I screw on the attachment it seems to have chipped off the plastic mouth piece.

    Anyone got recommendations on a replacement bottle? Something similar to the below (with a metal top).


  • Damn good prices. I got the mugiars cannon a month ago as it was cheaper, came with a karcher adapter and gold class wash, better value overall. Use it with a K3 pressure washer no worries. The gold class car wash itself doesn't foam fantastically so will keep it for a contact wash and eventually use a dedicated foam wash with the cannon.