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Bose Sleepbuds II $349.95 @ Premium Sound


Hi Everyone,

We have just opened pre-order for the second gen Bose Sleepbuds. RRP is $379.95 so this is a decent saving on a yet to be released product

Connect them to your app on the phone and enjoy your sleep.

These are a huge improvement over the original and we have an introductory price with pre orders only, strictly limited to 1 week.

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  • So no more high pitch squealing so many people could here and a custom/larger range of sounds?
    As an owner/returner, both these needed to be completely fixed before I would even consider buying a pair again. Especially no.1.

    Have a look at the Bose forums. For years, Bose denied this was happening, and blamed everything from not wearing them correctly, to people simply imagining things!

    Finally someone high up must have taken notice, as all of a sudden, “discontinued product, and product recall”.

    Hopefully these giant flaws have been solved.

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      Try for 30 days and see how you go. They have addresses all issues and confident the new ones will exceed expectations

      I heard about the first gen stories. Not ideal but Bose did right by everyone and refunded full amount.

      • Just looking at their website for the new model - the only mention of addressing the “squeaking” issue was to blame it on users lying on their pillows, and how they’ve fixed this.
        It had nothing to do with pillows for the vast majority of users with this issue, and all to do with electronic whine/squeal that Bose ignored and flat out denied for so long (before a sudden product recall with no specific reason…). Huge loss in trust after that.

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          I've had the first gen one since release (been replaced about 7 times). I've had pretty much every major issue including battery not charging, magnets breaking, side squeaking. Agree that Bose did the right thing and refunded these but have to say I never had any issues with a 'high pitched squealing' and never heard anyone else complain about this. Got a link to forum?

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          You get 30 days to try. No need to 'trust' anyone other than yourself in the first 30 days. If you have doubts in first 30 days then get a refund, simple.

          • @g1: Of course, just like the original ones. It’s the frustration of multiple returns, hours spent on tech calls trying to “problem solve”, and the general run around many owners of the gen1s went through (the old, “you’re using them wrong” approach). Again, it was only the sheer weight of numbers that eventually saw them accept that it was an issue, and led to the eventual recall (along with the charging issues that seemed to affect significantly less people)

            Don’t get me wrong, if they have actually solved this major issue, then I would be buying another pair instantly! But before I and many others would bother, we need to have it clarified if this issue has actually been addressed. (First link I provided should confirm this, if they do actually reply..)

            • @Tuttle: And thus someone needs to try them… if no one buys them then no one will know if the problem has been solved. Bose can only do so much in house testing.

              So, buy them and use the 30 day no questions asked return policy. Maybe you will want to keep them and not have any customer support wait times?

              Gen2 is not gen1, it's a bit early to dismiss new product.

              I only had 1 problem with gen1. One of the sides wasn't charging properly. It wasn't a huge problem. I could have returned them under the 30 days. I kept them. Eventually I returned them with the mass free return but not because of any problem with them. They just weren't helpful enough for me.

        • I bought the first gen sleepbuds and also had the issues with battery not charging. I had my buds replaced 3x by Bose. No discussion, free return even after 12 months.

          Although having the issues and having to replace them after a few months was extremely inconvenient and frustrating, when they work they are amazing.
          Every time I had my sleepbuds replaced, the warranty was renewed. My last replacement was again suddenly discharging from 100% to 56% and then turning off after a few minutes. I've contacted Bose and they will be replacing with the new sleepbuds. I really hope they managed to solve all the issues.

          I have to say that the way how Bose has been managing the issues with the sleepbuds is admirable. If on one hand the product has had a lot of issues, extensively reported in different forums, on the other hand customer support has been amazing. The sleepbuds were my first Bose product as I've always found the brand too expensive/overpriced, but after my experience I'd definitely buy Bose again.

          Frustration aside, I'm trying to be understanding. Creating something that is innovative and flawless takes time. Maybe Bose should have extended internal tests before selling the sleepbuds, but sometimes problems are only identified after products are released and when there is a substantial number of users. I don't know what's the proportion of "defective" sleepbuds, but I appreciate Bose's commitment and ongoing research to improve the product.

          With the 30-day refund, if you want sleepbuds you should go for it.

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      Bose always denies problems, or claims to be working on a solution which then never materializes, making one question whether they were ever working on a solution to begin with.

  • Owner of a gen 1 model here too.

    Never used them
    Never returned them

    Any advice ? ;)

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      buy a 2nd gen!

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        It’s very possible to find a fault now and be upgraded free of charge perhaps !

        • Also own a pair of first gen that I never returned, let me know how you go :p

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          They had a zero questions returns for these last year, irrespective of how long you had owned them. The cutoff was December 31 2019 and they emailed all registered users and gave them a three month window. If they're not actually defective (and many weren't - ours were fine but we returned them anyway), or are out of warranty, then you may be stuck with them.

          I'd contact their support and I wouldn't rule out them offering a replacement for the new model, but not sure if they'd refund at this point.

          • @Smigit: Last months they sent me 1st gen under warranty, im guessing they have stocks of Gen 1's still


      In a surprise announcement, Bose has announced that it is completely withdrawing Bose Sleepbuds from the market, after a raft of of faulty battery complaints.

      In a statement on the Bose website, John Roselli, General Manager of the Bose Corp said:

      “You’ve reported issues with your sleepbuds™ not charging fully, powering down unexpectedly, or both. And you’ve let us know. We’ve heard you. We’ve read your posts. We’ve documented your calls. …. We’ve also relentlessly researched the root cause with a team dedicated to nothing else. Based on what we knew, we believed that software and firmware updates could fix the issues. But the failures have continued, and recently, they’ve increased. That led us to look more closely at each piece of hardware. And we learned that while the battery we chose functions safely, it doesn’t work as consistently or predictably as it should to meet our standards.
      For that reason, we’re discontinuing sleepbuds™.” Read the full statement here

      Bose will be offering a full refund to anyone who has purchased Sleepbuds until 31st December 2019.

  • How do you actually tell they are gen 2? Is the package different?

    I got mine replaced about 2 months ago they said they were improved but I didn't bother opening them, was just gonna sell them

    • They have been improving the first generation (so they say), and the only different thing was the label colour changing (the last one was green). This second generation is different. If you have the first generation and check the pictures of this second generation, you will notice many differences. This 2nd gen won't be shipped until 6 October.

      This might be useful

      • Oh yeah the new ones are different shape too, less circle, more oblong.

        They gave me old ones :(

        • If you claim warranty now they will send you the new version.

  • similar to these Amazfit Zenbuds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjFS1H-ykxI

    • The Zenbuds are a copy of the original Sleepbuds

      • Just got my zenbuds delivered 5 minutes ago. Will give them a go tonight and see if they are any good. At $69 USD, I thought it is worth taking the risk. I live on a busy street in Melbourne and hoping this will improve my sleep quality.

        • +1

          Could you please let me know the source that you have bought the zenbuds, thanks

          • +1

            @tinkko: I backed them on Indiegogo and it has taken a few months to get to this delivery stage. I just searched and you can still buy them from the Amazfit US website or through AliExpress. What I paid would have been an introductory price and they currently retail for $150 USD.

        • Hopefully they work well for you!

          • @iMacca: The build quality (feel and finish) of the zenbuds is pretty good. I was able to find a set of silicone tips that work best for my ears. My only gripe is that there are not a lot of white noise options to choose from and every other sound file like raindrops, flute etc seems to be too intrusive for my liking. Getting used to sleeping with something inside my ears all night will take some time as I have always slept with a fan on next to my side of the bed. Overall the only difference it has made is increased my deep sleep continuity score. Pretty happy so far and would recommend these to anyone struggling to get some sleep. PS - I suffer from tinnitus too.

  • if only they could play music

  • As an owner of gen 1, I ended up getting a full refund from Bose, so that's great.
    The pillow noise (rubbing causing a spueak on pillow) and battery failings (battery stops charging at all) killed gen 1. Hopefully they have improved. But one warning is they promised a fix for pillow noise which never came (a sticker). So buyer beware.

  • +2

    I had the first gen, had so many issues with them, went through 4 pairs, I had the squealing noise, I had the battery charge issues, I had it all,
    despite this I loved them,
    I have tinnitus and they gave me the best nights sleep I have ever had.

    I returned my original pair for a full refund and was very sad when I did.

    I have ordered these and very much look forward to getting them, I hope the issues are resolved because they were fantastic, when they worked.

    • 4 pairs! Wow

      Let’s hope these exceed expectations!

      • +1

        I hope so or you will be hearing from me :)

  • Thanks OP, I may not buy a pair from you, but a deal is a deal.

  • will this do anything if you already live in a quiet neighborhood at night?

    • Depends how easily you sleep? the soothing sounds may improve your winding down process :)

      • i only go to bed when I'm knackered, so it normally doesn't take long at all.

        If I can't fall asleep it's not because of sound. It's too much on my mind, or anxiety.

        During uni was a different story though…

  • Hello OP, it says 'Available on backorder' on your website, does it mean if I preorder today it may take months to receive it?

    • At this stage it’s ok. I’ll update of any delays if I hear about them

  • Thanks for the amazing support! The orders are keeping us very busy. Can’t wait to ship these out and hear the feedback!

    • Hey OP,

      I don't recall what was the original ETA date since it wasn't mentioned in the invoice and the website has been updated. Was it 16 October or something?

      • Hi, We are expecting them to arrive to us any day. There has been a slight dalay, similar delay to the QC earbuds. not far away :)

        • +1

          All good thanks for the update. Missus been asking when is it going to arrive.

        • I preordered from Bose AU in 07/10/2020 since I am living in NSW, it seems there is a delay for them too.

          • @Hsinking: Stock has been invoiced to us overnight, so we should be seeing today and if not today, definitely tomorrow!

            Thanks guys

  • +1

    All shipped! Thanks everyone :)

  • I have been wearing it for two nights so far, I can confirm there is no battery issue this time and the battery capacity is more than enough for 10 hours of use(26% left on 50% volume).

    However, there are two major issues:

    one, for many of the sounds there is a 'ka da' sound every time it starts to repeat itself, this noise is not loud but clear, once you notice it, you will hear it every 15 seconds, and the sound won't help you fall asleep anymore;

    two, there is still a pain for side sleepers to wear it. I will switch to small size tonight, but I really doubt this can help, after all, I need to put it in my ear and its hard plastic shell will press on the pillow.

    My very personal impression is, such sleeping devices are only ideal for people who sleep on their backs so far.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I will mention the ‘ka da’ sound to Bose. I’m sure a software update will rectify. Did you also fully charge before the first night use?

      I imagine side sleeping will be difficult for anyone with something in their ear, I sleep in every imaginable position and that’s been my concern about buying a pair myself. I will try a a pair when we are back in stock.

      • +1

        Yes, I fully charged it before first use.

        This 'ka da' sound issue existed in their first gen product as well, so I don't think they will fix it, luckily there are other sounds that don't have this issue.

        I changed to small size earbuds last night and tried to put my head in the central point of my pillow, though I can still feel a sore from both of my ears in the morning, at least I can have continuous sleep for 4 hours now. Will see if I can sleep for 6-7 hours with it one week later.

        And this side sleeper pain would always exist no matter which size it is, though it is reduced at small size.

        In my opinion, this sleepbuds II is like Iphone 2, to have a mature product that can satisfy most customers, we may still need to wait for a couple of years: smaller size, larger memory/battery capacity, highly personalized sound setting, larger sound library with much improved sound quality(right now they sound like 64K MP3) et etc.

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