8% off Bookings at Hotel.com


Was taking advantage of the Redhot sale for Seaworld Resort and found a cheaper deal with hotels.com. Cheaper than booking through their own website or with booking.com 9% cashback.
Bonus incidental find of the 8% coupon code.
Valid till 31st Dec.

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  • Well as for this long weekend there are no hotels to book.
    Good find though!

  • Just in time ! was looking to book a stay at Goldcoast for December..

  • cries in Melbourne

  • Just tried Did the whole process in less than 3 min then as I selected pay pop appeared saying prices change during booking, this hotel now costs more! Scummy and scammy move.

    I tried searching again the search advertised my room at $150 but when I select book now it changed to $177. Cheap shot by hotels.com.

    • Yup people have had issues with these deals so often I don't even bother anymore.

      The cashbacks where you had to login would always display different prices, its such a scam.

      Better off with in-app pricing/discounts or deposit cashbacks (spend $100 get $50 back on CC etc).