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SoundPEATS TrueWings $47.59 Delivered @ SoundPEATS AMR Direct Amazon AU


I've been looking for earbuds with over ear hooks to use while running and these came up in my inbox today. Reviews look good and with the 15% off code bringing them down under $50 delivered I thought I'd give them a try

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    I have some of these, they are pretty decent for the price. Only downside is that even the smallest ear bud size still plugs up my ear entirely, so when running it's hard to hear cars coming up behind you

  • Thanks, wife needed some of these.

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    I have 2 of this on my desk right now. One is the replacement unit of the other, and both have developed the same fault within 2 months — left piece stopped charging, due to bad charging pin design.

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      Yup, I was so dissapointed as I was really happy with the earbuds themselves (form factor, sound quality etc) but the design of the charging system is diabolical.

      Thought I had found my ideal workout/running earphones but trying to get them to charge consistently drove me mad. They were out of stock when I lodged my return so got a refund instead of replacement and ordered these (Trueshift 2) instead.


      EDIT: Cheaper and faster delivery

      The little fins make them ALMOST as stable as the Truewings and the sound quality is better. I would highly recommend them

      • Yes TrueWings is almost perfect for me when it works. I don't really care about sound quality because I usually just listen to podcasts during the run, but I do prefer having a hook so (psychologically) I don't have to worry about them falling off.

    • charging is the only issue i have with these headphones, I found that you have to squeeze the wings into the case, then close the lid, but it can stilll be inconsistent.

      Has anyone tried the passthrough sound? is it triple tap left ear?

      • I decided to buy another pair rather than stealing my sons all the time.

        The charging issue seems fixed in this new pair, the 'wings' dont touch when inside the case, comparing both pairs the wings have been made smaller so they fit the case better on the new pair

        also the passthrough sound works (double tap left ear)

        I think i will raise a case with the old ones see what they say

  • I'm interested in the TrueWings. How do they compare to Mpow Flame Lite which are similar in design and price? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B081DZ72R5

    • I have soundpeats to be great quality, ive had 2x qcy 1 broke and the other i returned as they were shocking quality and misadvertised as usb-c when they were micro usb

      • sorry I didnt finish this comment properly, Those mpow look ok I haven't had experience with them just bad experience with other similar (qcy) phones, though they looked similar they were quite bad.

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    I have these, I'm quite happy with them!