How Much Can I Reduce on a Brand New Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Hi folks,

Im looking at buying a brand new Ford Ranger Wildtrak, and seeing if anyone has had experience/dealt with Ford dealerships. Wanting to know how negotiable dealerships can be on new cars.



  • At the moment, not much. From what I heard, the demand for recreation trim 4x4 Utes is very strong all across the brands.

    The new Hilux prices are eye watering.

    • Even old beater 4x4 ute prices are through the roof, at least in Vic. I was looking last year and the kind of vehicle that had an asking price of ~$4k is now over $7k.

    • The new Hilux prices are eye watering.

      When they released the face lift Hilux that lasted 2 years from (2018 to 2020) I remember the SR5 was on special for $52k.

      Now they are selling the 2020 face lift SR5 for $67k.

      The changes they have made to the new 2020 Hilux are not worth an extra $15k.

      Eye watering indeed.

      I always thought utes were overpriced at the $50k mark.

      This is next level.

      • To be fair, the Rogue trim extras do cost a fair bit. I don't know much about the Hilux but I can see they've added a proper steel bull bar, bash plates and maybe sliders. That's a good 3-4k fitted.

        They probably add some other doodads but yeah, $15k is something insane.

        • I'd agree the rogue and rugged have extras but that 67k was SR5 to SR5 price comparison. Insanity !

    • Thanks for the $25k federal government grant

      • That makes sense. Haha.

        I'm not even following the whole grants thing anymore. All I can think of is Oprah.

        "You get money, you get money. We all get moooonnneeeyyy!"

      • The Homebuilder? or is there a Ute grant now? lol

        • There is so many grants going around like Homebuilder, first home buyer, stamp duty reductions, even JobKeeper. If you have been furloughed and you have that many hours on your hands you'd be itching to spend the money (or gamble it).

          Was told yesterday that there is a shortage of cars and second hand car prices have gone up by 10%. If we find a vaccine we're going to have a glut of used cars in a few years.

          • @netjock: I think they mean the $20K tax deduction thing for ABN holders.

            • @MrBear: No. That is just to ensure that it is FREE money.

              First you need to get your $25k home builder and while you are on your way try to scoop up all the other grants (first home buyers etc).

              Then the government gives you the GST back, THEN tax write off for the full amount.

              The government is basically giving away money at gross level so the electorate thinks "oh! free $25k"

              Then there is all this other write offs like 150k instant asset write off for small business. It is basically a tax free vehicle.

  • How receptive have the dealers been with your efforts so far?

  • 2.5987%

  • I bought a Wildtrak 3 years ago - and found that some dealers were definitely more motivated than others. I found a lot fell back on the argument that it was 3-4 months wait, and so we're willing to really negotiate much. I ended up finding one in stock at a dealer interstate, and paid maybe 10-15% off the RRP

    • That is good to hear. I was hoping to get 10% of RRP, but the two dealerships i have spoken to aren't willing to budge much.

  • Guaranteed at least $439.

  • Or get an XLT. You can have my side steps and ute cover, rear bumper, shocks, and factory bash plate from my Wildtrak. I can sell you the Wildtrak alloys for cheap too.

  • All dealers are negotiable. Anywhere between $500 and 10% off. But it depends on your negotiating skills, stock levels, model popularity etc.

    How much are they RRP? How much do you think you want to spend? How much did a dealer offer?

    • They are $64K RRP. I would ideally like to spend $57K which is approx 10%. Dealer was only offering $62K.

      • That’s more helpful. As they are a popular model, you’ll be unlikely to get a big discount. If you’re lucky you might snag a cancelled order, demo or something in stock for less, but if you are ordering and have to have your favourite colour, maybe $62k is it.

        • Yeah that's true. I am not fussed on the colour, but will need to speak to more dealers and see if they have any in the car-yard. I might try interstate delearships as well.

  • 110%

  • What is it you are seeking to reduce? Suspension height? Fuel Consumption? Tyre wear?

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    Not surprised. Want decent answers, give decent info.

  • "Wanting to know how negotiable dealerships can be on new cars"

    Dealerships don't offer price-match/price-beat guarantees.

    The value has always been inversely proportional to the buyers ability to negotiate.

    The better you are at negotiation, the lower the price you'll pay.

    Do your homework

    • Select the model within your budget.
    • Check local car sales, gumtree, etc. for general model/pricing info.
    • Check your info again to pinpoint who/where is selling it cheaper
    • Go to the dealership in-person (don't bother calling) to discuss or negotiate (don't sign on the first dotted line they offer you, as you'll want to visit a few places).
    • 100% agree with you. I prefer to meet in person but with VIC restrictions it is a pain.

      • Then I suggest delaying the last step, giving you more time to study localised pricing info.

        When you are allowed to and eventually go in-person to negotiate, you'll want take this written info in with you.

        Don't fall for the usual sales tricks:

        • Sign here, and we'll discuss pricing.
        • See the parts add-on (ripoff manager so he can upsell you on BS snake oil), and then we'll talk pricing.
        • See the finance manager, and then we'll discuss prcing.
        • Don't worry, sign here 'Subject to finance approval' - Who's finance approval. Theirs, yours, Donald Trump's?
        • It's the deal of the Century so you better sign here to lock it in.
  • Get a Triton.

  • Can you wait? As mentioned before there’s not much stock available at the moment for anything like that. Even saw someone offering to sell a 4wd on order that was due soon because they “didn’t need it anymore”. I ordered a 4wd end of May at a good price and 2weeks later discounted pricing looked about $5k more.
    Guessing that boom/bust dynamics will be in operation and you will find better negotiating opportunities in 6 months or so.
    Time. Money. Quality. You can have any two of them you like……

  • They do not make much on the vehicle it self. They recoup their money via servicing, and finance.

    Research Tube in regard to how to buy from a dealership…. very interesting.

  • son bought a new Ranger two weeks back. Had to take a 2019 "demo" to get any reasonable discount.

  • Wow it's such an expensive way of signalling you're extremely insecure about your masculinity.