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OPPO Find X2 Pro 512GB $66.62/Mo (Over 24 Months, Min Cost $1598.88) + Bonus $240 Credit over 24 Mo (Bundle $55/Mo Plan)@Telstra


This is my first post ever in OzB, so please be kind (love the OzB community though!)
Saw this deal as of today and had to share. Looks like several new deals from multiple AU telcos today, so just sharing my favourite (this phone looks like such a beast!).

New promos also available on Find X2 Neo, as well as on Samsung's Note 20 5G, Note 20 Ultra 5G, S20 5G range and more. Also similar new promos today accross Optus and other AU telcos. (too many to post all here)

Now I'm really torn between this and the S20 FE pre-order promos also currently available…

Note: The cheapest plan that can be bundled with this phone is the Small $55 Month to Month Plan

By purchasing this device, you’re committing to paying for both the phone and a mobile plan for every month of your 12 or 24 month payment term. If you leave before the end of your payment term, you’ll need to pay out your phone as one payment at the time you leave. Please carefully review your selections to ensure you’re able to meet the monthly payment obligations and the total minimum cost.

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    $66.62*24=$1598.88-$240=$1360 for the handset, plus mthly fee, hardly a deal, mate.

  • Ye not the greatest, but perhaps if you dont want to front up the cash its better than nothing.
    Can be had ~$1300 on ebay sales and then choose your own plan/provider.
    Great phone though.

  • +1 to the Find X2 Pro being an excellent phone. The only thing I miss after a few years with OnePlus phones is their speedy software updates, ability to root the phone/custom kernels etc and their responsive community involvement.

    I was lucky enough to get the FX2P on a great JB HiFi Telstra deal - $800 off the phone ($800 outright) on a 12 month Telstra $55 plan ($65 plan with $10 monthly credit), 80GB data per month.

    The $800 credit plus $55 plan plus only being for 12 months sold me.

  • Thanks for the first post OP!

  • Thanks for those assisting with the OP edit to clarify details. And yeah sadly I missed out on the $800 JB credit deal - so good! Thanks also for the other feedback too. I was mainly considering the ~ $1360 handset cost (plus plan costs) against other new + AU warranty deals, a lot around ~ $1550 mark as the best I could find at quick search. Been stung buying tech through ebay and like before. But you're definitely right that the lock-in plan is a kicker.

  • Op should put plus monthly fee. $60/ month + $50/month on plan is too much to be a good deal.