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Teclast Type-C or Lightning or Micro USB 1M Cable $0.01 Shipped (Limit 1 Cable Per Account) @ Teclast via AliExpress


The page shows $0.02, but cart shows $0.01 and I checked-out one a short while ago.
Limited to one cable (pick one from the those 3 types) per account.

Don't know this brand, and have got many cables not getting used enough, and it's long wait, etc etc..
But for 1c delivered, a ozbargainer would get one, with 5% cashrewards of course, right?
Enjoy :)

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  • +1

    got one thanks

    • You're welcome :)

      • +4

        Wrong deal. Shopback was compromised, not AliExpress.

  • +19

    Nice, I love buying stuff I dont need for 1c delivered, getting a parcel any day is worth more than 1c to me. Got a Lightning cable ""just in case"

    • +2

      lol..why I bought it too, can't think any actual use for the cable. could be a backup to bring on a trip or something
      The postie is going to delivery this one in a small grey satchel in the letter box.. hopefully before xmas.. :)

      • +7

        I was thinking I should get a lightning cable, I have family who use apple stuff but I have no cables of it. I dont bother buing micro USB anymore since I accrure them with all the junky tech I already get from aliexpress anyway and I have a few decent USB-C already on the way.

        But for 1 cent its a no brainer for someone like me to have that redundancy. Plus the whole "extra parcel" thing really excites my inner child, a new parcel what is it? Ohh a present from myself!

        • That's what I'm thinking. I've already got a ton of micro USB and USB C cables, but zero apple stuff. It can't hurt to have a spare cable around for the iPhone users who visit.

        • Lol… The effects this lockdown has had on all of us

      • Same, Handy to have one apple cable in the house for guests etc.
        1c can't go wrong haha

  • Cheers, was looking for iphone cable.

    • +10

      Nice, you’ll get it in the next 3-4 months.

      • +3

        If it arrives.

        • -1

          What's that "Arrow in Heart" button on Cart page?

      • 30-50 days they said. I wonder if I can live until then…

  • Thanks!

  • ordered

  • +7

    Thanks OP, I have placed my pay&forget order 😂
    I’m just commenting so that I can find this post in 4 months time when/if the cable arrives 🤩

    • +3

      pay&forget 😂 exactly. would be a nice treat "IF" it turns up one day wouldn't it..

      • Plot twist: Order arrived today, and I still remember placing this order!!!!

  • +2

    Thanks OP got 1.
    Ps Don't forget Cashback :)

    • +1

      Or OW pricebeat.

  • Bought 1 thanks

  • Thanks, I love receiving mystery packages.

  • +9

    Dont forget 5% cashback

    • +3

      Shoot, I forgot cashback.

    • +3

      Do they round UP?

  • +2

    Thanks OP, bought three. Knew having a pile of dummy Aliexpress accounts would come in handy eventually

  • Got 1 thanks OP !

  • Ordered one, thanks OP.

  • Got one, thanks OP.

  • No way this gets honoured right? Bought 1 but what's stopping people from buying more…

    • +1

      The system itself tells you there's item limits if you try orer again/more than one
      Multiple accounts would be harder to stop

  • +2

    1c or free, doesn't matter. Got one to add to my collection in the drawer.

    • +3

      I'm almost up to the point where I have more USB-C than micro finally.

  • Ordered one, but price error?

  • Awesome, thank you!

  • Can they charge the cc for 0.01?

  • Good find.

  • Ordered but did not receive confirmation. Just checking if other did?

    • Still processing for me.

      • Payment Successful
        Thank you! We've received your payment.

  • +1

    Hmm not working. Only have 1 in my cart but its saying there is quantity restrictions???

    • +1

      Not working for me as well. Not sure how others are still buying it.

      • One cable per account. Not one of each cable.

  • +3

    Is it bad to already have more lightning and USB-C cables than I use but just want to receive something in the mail / just in case lol

    • +1

      Only if you sell it for profit.

  • Thanks OP, got one

  • Thank you

  • Thanks so much OP.

  • Thanks!

  • +2

    Lol thanks I've been pumping aliexpress since the lockdown. It's perfect for a random pick-me-up when you don't quite know when or what will arrive haha

    • What's 50 days from now? gonna set a remidner lol

      • +2

        Haha don't. It's less fun that way

  • op

  • Was so excited didn't even check if it's MFi (I am sure it is not). Just hoping now the iPhone won't complain…

  • Thanks OP, ordered. Cant go wrong for 1 cent delivered

  • +1

    I know the sellers on AliExpress are independent stores, but I still feel like this is a marketing ploy lol. I've been sitting on a few things in my cart for the last week or so, wondering if I should buy them or not. This deal comes up, I decide to buy the lot in my cart including this… Strong marketing game.

  • Got one thanks! I like Xmas presents

  • Will there be an international transaction fee? I had a 10c fee the last time I got something for ~$3 on aliexpress

    • +2

      That depends on your card. It's typically 3%.

      Irrelevant for 1c transactions.

    • FWIW, I haven't ever been hit with an international transaction fee on AliExpress when paying in AUD, although I'm not too sure how good the conversion rate is.

  • No Paypal. Nervous is sharing credit card details

    • +5

      Aliexpress is known.

      This will be my 70th order over several years.

      • What do you usually buy from there out of curiosity? I'm yet to buy anything from there.

        • +1

          Screen protectors, phone cases, USB cables, small electronics like android auto dongles etc

        • Nick nacks and cheap stuff like this deal.
          Bunch of little homeware stuff, gadgets and even some clothing on occasion (Got some belts that are cheaper anywhere here)

          Mostly though a lot of cooking and baking apparatus (I have no idea where the hell you buy bread making proofing bowls in Australia, for instance) and molds, baking mats, utensils etc. that are insanely cheaper than anywhere local.

        • +3


          I don't order much, only the essentials like cables, chargers, little screw ends, masks, wallets, solar panels, torches, scalpels, gloves etc

          It's like ebay only easier to find products and compare sellers.

          • @Gaxx: Do they have a decent envelop charger?

            • @pebee47: Envelope charger? Eneloop charger?
              Probably, its just like ebay so you arent buying from aliexpress but a seller that is using aliexpress.
              It's mostly from china, there are a few sellers that have warehouses/stock here but 99% of stuff will take 2ish months to get here like ebay stuff.

        • AliExpress is eBay's competitor. Sometimes you find the items cheaper there, sometimes more expensive. For local Australian stock, eBay is far better as it has more options.

        • Decent headphones, cables, awesome handheld game consoles that play retro games. Just lots of good gadgets.

    • +1

      Thats why I use prepaid credit cards with little money on it for sites like this

      • So can you use master card that coles sale?

      • "Sites like this"? Jack Ma will feel bad, mate. The site's valuation is ~US$4 billion if not more. I am not a big fan of it though. I much prefer eBay in general - ability to use PayPal is one of the biggest reasons.

    • +3

      100+ orders, all on the same ING card… never a problem or details stolen.

      • I truly doubt someone's CC details would be stolen from Alibaba servers but how would you know if someone was in possession of those details?

        • +2

          Well, the card hasn't seen a single unauthorized transaction from the day I got it about 3-4 years ago. I reckon it is pretty safe.

    • +4

      932 credit card transactions with Ali over 5 years. No issues.

      The alibaba group is larger than all of eBay's global operations put together.

    • use temporary card / digital card if your bank offers it.

    • +1

      It's Aliexpress. Literally one of the top 5 online marketplaces on the planet with ebay and Amazon.

  • Got one, thanks op!

  • Also got one, thanks!

  • Cheers got one

  • In case they ship the order, hopefully it arrives around Christmas time :)

  • +2

    It's the absolute best feeling when in the back of your head, you've been wanting a new USB-C cable, but haven't actually realised it until you see a 1 cent USB-C cable :)

  • Got one, hope my card doesn't charge transaction fees.

    • At worse, it will be a 1 cent transaction fee.

  • +1

    Surprised they're still available.
    Got one.

  • +2

    cant seem to buy i get Some items in your cart have a quantity purchase limit. Please adjust as needed.

    • One at a time buddy.

      • +3

        I get same with only 1 in my cart

        • same

          • +2

            @28kb: go to your account and click my orders, for me there was an option to pay for the cable

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