[XB1, X360] Games with Gold Oct: Maid of Sker, Sphinx + Cursed Mummy, Costume Quest, Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut @ Microsoft


average month

hardly worth bothering.

guess they assume ppl r getting ea with gold so their offerings can be crap

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  • So no Forza Horizon 3 as some people hope.

  • Brutal legend and Forza 7 will be on the games pass next month

  • Should put the titles in the post

  • Meh.

  • So worth posting then.

  • I've basically decided to not buy original Xbox games anymore as so many are coming to GWG.

    I don't regret buying Battlefront 1 and 2 the second they were available, I (profanity) adore those games and woke the ex up clapping at my TV when they announced it live.

    But MX, Destroy All Humans, and some other ones, I never even got around to playing before they hit Gold. Here's hoping we get Prince of Persia and Ghoulies in the near future. I'm honestly surprised they have given away so many of the original titles, I love it, these (profanity) clean up fantastic with the back compat special sauce.

  • Edit: never mind.

  • Thanks for the reminder to grab last month's games, almost missed them!
    That was the point of this post, right?!

  • Man, Microsoft is doing everything in their power to push people to Game Pass at this point.

  • Just kill gold and make multilayer free already!
    Gamepass has already 15m users - its time.
    These games are proof they don't care any more.

  • I enjoyed Costume quest, the others just look like they created a halloween/horror selection.

    Xbox Live is the better offering of the console multiplayer services, but sure complain
    about the free games they give monthly on top of that.

  • ppl r getting ea with gold

    That's not true is it? I though EA was only with Game Pass and not with Gold?

  • Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy is a brilliant game. Really do recommend playing it, or at the very least giving it a solid go.

  • Late to the party, but Slayaway camp is a good bit of fun. I bought it on sale and its sort of a puzzle game which has some cool dynamics to it.

  • I can't even get to the Games with Gold section in the app. Gotta remember to turn off auto renew this year..

  • WOW
    A truly crap month this month!