Coles Rewards Platinum Mastercard Changes

Change to Flybuys points effective from 12 January 2021

The Flybuys points you collect will now be tiered. You will collect 2 Flybuys points per dollar for up to $3000 spent on Eligible Transactions in each Statement Period, and then 1 point per dollar thereafter1.

Introducing Value Boosters for Coles Rewards customers

You are eligible to receive marketing offers from us from time-to-time, starting with 10% off items purchased in the Coles Express shop throughout October and November2. If you remove your consent to receive marketing offers, we may not send these offers to you.

Changes to your Coles Online Bonus Point Special Promotion

The Special Promotion where you will collect 1 Flybuys point for every dollar you spend in each Coles Online order will end on 30 November 2020. For more information, refer to your October 2020 statement.

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  • Just got this myself.

    Very ordinary change that really changes the value proposition of this card.

    Looks like I'll be looking for a new provider.

  • Yeah, I signed up when they were offering 140k flybuys, and it's the best reward rate I could find value wise (I don't care in the slightest about flight upgrades). This changes that significantly as we put all of our expenses (personal and a lot of work related as well), so this diminishes the value significantly for me. Will close it immediately after getting the 40k flybuys bonus we get for renewing for the second year.

  • Citibank is absolutely trashing this product.
    - Mobile app wants location access even though it has no need for it. Even says something like "we don't use it but want access anyway".
    - Web UI is still terrible.
    - No Google Pay after all these years
    - Worst "feature" is the constant nag to sign up for personal loans. Took a long time to stop seeing these.

    Good timing with these changes, I'm going to cancel the card later this year. Surprising I've not got any notification though. Did you guys get an email or letter?

  • +2 votes

    i stuck on this for the zero international fees. limiting the flybuys points after 3K is a big loss for me.
    any recommendations for a similar card with zero international fee?

  • Yeah this sucks. I was averaging about 400k flybuys per year. Don't think I would get even half that now?

  • Unless I've misunderstood, $3000 per statement period (a month) is equivalent to $36,000 spent each year! How are you people spending more than this much money each year?

    I know you can get bonus points per spend on occasion, but the limit is not on points, but on dollar spent.

    • I'd imagine some people put work charges through. That means they're not really spending the money.

      There are also charge cards where there is no specific limit. You could potentially charge 50k with a transaction, no questions asked.

    • I have done $36k in a month before due to work expenses (two business class international flights for two people). But our general spend is probably $7k per month. We put everything on our card and just clear the bill every month. Can get to that amount pretty easily with a couple of kids, childcare costs, and everything else that goes with it.

  • Funny enough I've still been able to get points on money at state government services.

  • I've applied for an ING card, if it is approved, I'm closing my Coles card. I don't actually shop at Coles very much, and that was the reason I initially got it. However, I avoid using this card because I don't like foreign transaction charges, and it takes days for money transferred back to the card to appear as a repayment. There really is no real incentive for me to keep using this card.

  • If it wasn’t for the price protection on this card, I’d consider another card. Bonus they also waived my annual fee this year.

  • One of the good things about this card is you do get points on overseas spend (or on your holidays).
    Not that we are doing much of that at the moment. Shame about the $3000 cap (especially in regard to holidays).

  • -1 vote

    Change to Flybuys points
    Introducing Value Boosters
    Changes to your Coles Online Bonus


  • So I guess there aren't too many options in credit cards that -

    1. No overseas transaction fees
    2. Get reward points on spending online and overseas
    3. Low annual fees (below $100)
    4. Offers good bonus points at sign up
    • CBA card offers 3pts / $1 spend, no FX fee, $0 annual fee if spend $2500 per month and 100,000 bonus points at sign up at the moment. The best card on the market.

      • not bad only cos of the $0 fee.
        100k transfers at 2.5:1 to velocity/qantas I think.
        Could just get and dump it after the points arrive.

      • 3pts/$1 for international transactions only if you’re referring to the new Ultimate Awards card? Supermarkets spends get 2pts and others get 1pt…

        • Yes the new Ultimate Award card.

        • I am leaning towards the CBA Ultimate as well to replace my Coles Rewards MC. Although I am not eligible for the signup bonus since I got a CBA Platinum CC with the Wealth Package home loan.
          Any idea what the value of the 100k points is? And what is the cooling off period if I were to close the Platinum card and apply for the Ultimate (signup offer till Apr-2021).