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The Foodary Double-Walled-Glass Reusable (Sealable Lid) Cups $5 (Half Price) @ Caltex


They are stylish cups, and they ACTUALLY SEAL like a keep cup.

Plus 50c off every barista made coffee there (but I've never had one, any good anyone?)

Can't find the special advertised anywhere.

Found on Epping Rd Caltex-Woolworths Petrol Station (NSW) (open 24/7). Here's a link to search for your nearest foodary petrol station: https://www.caltex.com.au/find-a-caltex?services=FOODARY

Like a keep-cup in it's sealability.

Dishwashable, microwaveable, BPA free.

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  • If that's national then good deal!

    • Yeah I reckon. There was no signage at all, or price tags, which makes me think it is too.

  • Could use with the new deal for free coffee @ the coffee club too haha https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/569603

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    Do they come in Extra Large?

    • One size at the store I went to, 8oz (236mL).

    • Wondering how much this would hold too. Looks a bit small from the pic.
      I use an Arcosteel one I got from Woolies a while back which was 300ml from memory, already a bit small for my usual cuppa.

    • Go to some of these truck stops in the middle of nowhere you'll meet some serious folk. Order coffee, the guy behind the counter goes 'you want the 32 oz. or the large?' - Bill Hicks

  • no the barista made is no good and at least double the price of the coffee at the caltex stores that have the coffee machine and not the "barista". I got a so called barista one on Saturday and it was bad. only filled about 2 thirds of the cup and had plenty of foam when I didn't order a cappuccino yes I probably spelled that wrong. Also it is a bum deal when you are trying to pay for petrol and the one attendent is making a coffee and it is also a bum deal when you had paid for your coffee as I did and then wait for her or him to make it after they serve a bunch of people first. It is not a really well thought out idea and the two things don't go well together.

  • Are these the ones that don't actually seal properly?

  • Doesn’t look like it’s nation wide.
    Drove to Granville and Padstow, both places didn’t know about the promo. Granville had the cups, didn’t offer it - gave lame excuse ‘due to covid’ and Padstow only paper cups.

  • Found some at Caltex Cockburn central!