[PS4] PS Plus October 2020 - Need for Speed: Payback and Vampyr @ PlayStation (PS Plus Membership Required)


The PS Plus games for October have been announced. Available from 6th of October.

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  • Vampyr is pretty dull, not a great month

  • That NFS isn't even worth it for free tbh.
    I pirated it when i heard it was bad and i still feel i got ripped off.

    NFS heat is so much better (didn't pirate that one haha)

    • That's how I felt with many games in the past, even if you got it free from PS free months or stream giveaways, you still feel like you got robbed, just from the time you lost playing it until you realized it sucked.

  • I thought it was Resident Evil 7 and Dark Souls?
    I’m guessing I must have seen it either mistakenly reported or as a rumour…damn.

  • Happy to give Vampyr a crack. Not a fan of NFS.

  • More games to the library I'll never play - meh to both

  • The only good month this year was when they gave us Fall Guys

    • Agreed! Although I played a lot of Borderlands collection.

      • Dirt Rally 2.0 was awesome. Still playing a lot of it now.

        Also Uncharted Collection, Uncharted 4 and Shadow of the Colossus are all brilliant, although I already had all of those before they showed up on PS+.

  • It's way better than Games with Gold this month: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/569406

  • I've heard good things about Vampyr, I'll give that a go for sure.

  • Getting worse after Covid-19 improved

  • [SUBS] in title please

  • This month and last month wasn’t for me but here’s my thoughts. .
    **NFS: i brought it for 4.99$ last month. its good game and I enjoyed. Haven’t played Heat yet. For that, I will get EA Access @6$/month. Still have PSNow for a month so am waiting for that to expire. Maybe i will get games those I haven’t played on that. Waiting for PSNow this month games.
    **Vampyr: i played it through PSNow this month i enjoyed it. Just remember to complete everything like side quest, investigation before completing game. Its open world but in the end you don’t return to it unlike most open world games. Side quests are fun. Complete as much as possible in beginning coz you will get level up and so it will help you in boss fights. That’s what i did. I was having so much fun in side quests that i almost forgot about main story.

  • Ugh another bad month, not sure i'll renew my PS+ subscription

    • next month tho! PS5 and the Plus Collection!

      I dare say next month's games will be fire too! perfect opportunity to launch Next Gen with a bang!

    • Not sure why I renewed for two years. I think Sony wants us to buy PS5 obviously

  • +21 votes

    As usual this is what I like about PS+. Two games I'd never buy but I'll be happy to have a wee go of. Cool beans.

    Oh hang on…wait…sorry. Let me try again (ahem).

    UGGGHR!!!! Another BAD month. Remind me to unsubscribe from this terrible value service. I mean forget for a moment they gave me a Call of Duty last month but why didn't they give me six AAA games for free. I mean forget for a moment that as an ozbargainer I always renew with a deal of at least 15-20% off each year, but where do Sony get off only giving me garbage like this for like ~$8 a month.

    • The guys that complain are the same guys that line up outside Apple stores every year for the new release $2k iPhones

    • Ps5 is available soon do you think Sony will give you AAA titles when they will focus on selling PS5?

      • I suspect they'll give away a lot of great PS4 games to keep the console ticking for at least an additional two years, same as they did with PS4. Some will definitely be AAA.

        • Yeah maybe…. Pretty sure PS4 still has life in it. Plenty of solid titles and much cheaper.

          Not everyone has 4k HDR TV and got spare cash for PS5. Titles will take a year to be mature

  • Sony really needs to do better here. MS is killing it with XBGP.

    • It's a different service. Better comparison is GWG, which is objectively worse in terms of the games it offers.

      Sony need to get their act together, certainly, with PSNow. Ie make it available everywhere, bump up the content a bit, and sort out their generally rather confused offering (ie what's the point of having both PSNow and the PS Plus collection or whatever it's called, and why are the PS+ Collection games only playable on PS5 even though they're PS4 games etc - it's a dog's breakfast). They need to just wrap them all up into a single, consistent service because right now what they have would be fine if they just stripped away all of the rather confusing gaps and overlaps and contradictions and inconsistencies and made it clear and simple.

      • The comparison to GWG is technically accurate, but for such a long time you've been able to convert your Gold subscription into Game Pass Ultimate for $1. To many they're basically the same service/cost (for now). I still have over 2 years remaining.

  • Been waiting for Vampyr so that is great.

  • Vampyr is a decent game, but I got it from Humble Bundle recently. It's a surprise plus and I enjoy it very much, if you like playing small open? world type, with a smell of dark soul style, you would enjoy it.

  • I bought Payback for under $5 a few months ago, disliked it so much I've hidden it from my library. Poor performance, a handling model I didn't enjoy and the game takes every opportunity to interupt your driving.

  • This is my first year on PS+ and it was $60 at $5 a month I am still happy to try games I would never have purchased.
    COD and Starwars Battlefront are great examples of titles I would not have touched, but have spent a while playing both campaigns.
    I look forward to trying these new titles and won't shed any tears if I don't enjoy them. I definitely won't force myself to play through, like two recent AAA tittles.
    If I shell out real $$$'s for a game, I always put in a reasonable effort to finish it. PS+ is more like a lucky dip for me. If I do find a good title, it usually lasts me 1-2months, not as young as most in this forum.

    • I'm pretty much in the same boat as you - I've had some cracking games on PS+ that I wouldn't have played otherwise (I played Nioh a few months back from PS+ and it's one of my favourite games that I've played this year, and I just finished Deus Ex Mankind Divided which I also enjoyed a lot), and others that are more forgettable but then I don't feel obliged to spend any time on them and can throw them back without worrying about not finishing them. The value I get from PS+ is more in the additional discounts on the PS Store - my subscription pays for itself that way over the course of a year, the games are just a bonus on top.

  • Is Vampyr the game where you get to walk around stalking your victims before getting rapey wit them?