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MSI GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER VENTUS XS OC 6GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $289 + Shipping @ Shopping Express


I missed this deal a few days ago.

But when I was checking again last night, Shopping Express has restocked this card and lowered the price by $10 to $389. And fortunately the $100 discount will still be applied at checkout automatically just as previous, which makes the final price down to $289!

edit: Didn't realize that it's my first post lol. Professional lurker

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  • Good deal. Cheapest elsewhere seems to be $379 at PCCG.

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    Is there a code? Shows up at 389 in my cart
    Never mind, codes are applied automatically when you use the link

    Cheers for the post!

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      Bruh…I even used the bold font in my description….

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        Extreme jv vibes given here

  • Oh damn - I bought one under the previous deal.

    Ozbargainer’s remorse.

    Good find.

  • Not sure why would anyone buy a card these days till dust settles (IMO) but happy gaming who ever gets one folks :)

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      I'm contemplating it. Have a 7yo PC with a 460W PSU. I'm thinking if I sink $289 into this to extend the life by 1-2 years or just bite the bullet and drop $2-2.5k on a new 30-series machine.

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        fair enough mate , i'm in a similar situation but have decided for your option 2 for the next 8 years.
        Running a nearly 8Yo machine with GTX670 on it , still rocks though 640x480…lool

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          haha, in a very similar position to you! I've got an R9-270. Really struggles since I upgraded to a 1440p monitor :P
          TBH I'm also thinking Option 2. Realistically not sure if the PSU, mobo, RAM are going to kick the bucket soon too.

          As gosund has said - if I were still going to use the 1080p it would be a good deal. $289 isn't a huge amount of money for extending the life of a machine. I'm actually contemplating both Option 1 and 2, so I can just give this machine to a younger family member.

          • @pointblank: That's great if your budget can meet both options :D , i've an apple 21" monitor from 2007.
            option 2 is my only option for high FPS and resolution.

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        Depends on what games/tasks you are after. I'm mostly play at 1080p so this one is totally suitable for me.

        And for anyone who wants to hold on to see further price drops, I was in the same boat but worried about the stock levels on the market. This is a fair price for this card IMO with surely potential to get a bit less in the next months or so. But you might end up finding no stock then. So I pulled the trigger on this.

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          Stock issues are Nvidia fake hype and producing 10% of what they claim , if you research and put the pieces of puzzle together you can conclude they created stock issues artificially to support the fake hype they created in the first place.

          IMO Feb2021 onward is best if you wanna action any plan because fake hype has settled , retard Radeon RDNA2 is out and benchmark available. Zen3 also out.

          If you have the budget to go for a low card , totally cool man. Enjoy :)

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      If you need a GPU now….

      And cheap new models won't be around for a loooong time. Let alone widely available.

      • not totally agreeing with you but if someone needs it now , then needs it now :)

        • You think the 3080 launch is somehow gonna be different to the budget models?

          Wait till you see the 3070 launch and how bad that'll be.

          • @scuderiarmani: no mate , Nvidia is totally dodgy with fake hype and market manipulation. Sadly alternative Radeon is a bit retard which makes it easier for Nvidia. (nvidia technologically is ahead , no dispute on that)

            All the 3080 lunch drama(IMO and based on what i seen) was because they intentionally didn't produce that many to cater for all requests. They made a fake hype which was genius in it's own marketing term , people concluded ohhh all gone but in reality there was very very little available in first place.

            3070 would be same, marketing strategy!

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              @SamyKn: This doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Why would they "intentionally" produce less than they could? Then they can't sell as many. They're the dominant and superior force in the market with a majorly updated product, why would they need extra "Hype" at the cost of actual sales of the high-price card?

              Do you think that's really more likely than "they ran out because of high demand". Especially considering COVID-related slowdown of manufacturing capacity - very real and impacting my industry.

              • @Minimum chips: I can send you around 10 different analysis similar to this which are spot on the point:


                Let me know after you watch or need more similar analysis.

                • @SamyKn: Thanks for the offer! Can you send an article in an online publication? I can't watch videos right now and to be honest, I've never had the inclination to watch someone talk to the camera for news or analysis. I'm really not invested in computer hardware, just love for this to make sense.

        • I'm in the first build boat. Sub $300 for a GPU.

          You think there will be better deals later in the year with releases?

          I'm picking up the Ryzen 3 3300x today, aiming for good 1080p @ 60FPS. Upgrade late next year if I pick up a good monitor cheap. No rush though.

  • The guy in MSI Gaming's video says "silent" cooling, is that true or he's just saying?

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      If you want to hear facts you probably don't look at marketing videos. Watch real reviews.

    • Given how good the cooler is for much higher power usage cards, I can imagine this would be very quiet

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    Nice deal OP, solid card for 1080p at this price.

  • All gone. Just tried to get one now and no stock left.

    • you're right - I had a look and got the same too.

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      Bruh you had your chance but 'wasted' so much time making comments lol.

  • OOS at 9.38am

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      You see OOS, I see future "restock n drop price" lol. (please don't drop too hard)

  • My GTX 1070 died last week (2 months out of warranty!) and so I bought one of these for $320 in a pinch.
    I would add that these cards are usually very high on the 'value for $$' charts (https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu_value.html).
    Oh well. Looking forward to upgrading in a year or two, maybe pick up a cheap RTX 2070.

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    paid $420 for the gtx 1660 super msi gaming x, ha…ha.. love it.

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