Every donation doubled @ RSPCA

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Hey, this isn't a typical deal but I know that Ozbargainers love their pets and feel strongly about supporting the RSPCA. Well for today only every dollar donated will be matched by the RSPCA's partners. Good day to make the most of our regular donations.

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RSPCA Australia
RSPCA Australia


  • Note that the above linked page goes specifically to the donation campaign for RSPCA NSW … the following link instead goes to a page where you can choose amongst all the various State and Territory campaigns for the RSPCA … https://www.charidy.com/rspca

  • Careful that loooks like a third part site charidy

    • If you go to the main webpage for RSPCA organisation, you will see that they also provide a link to the charidy.com campaign webpage … I think we can feel confident this is 100% legit.

    • Pretty sure it's legit.
      I donated to the Alfred Hospital through this site last year when they had a similar "deal"

  • QLD is killing it.

  • Keen to donate but does anyone know if donating through a credit card count as a cash advance? As it could be very expensive for some if it does

  • How is there more than 24hrs left for their giving day goal?

  • When I was looking for a dog this organisation did well with a few 14 yr old dogs at $590 .
    Bargain !

  • Well for today only every dollar donated will be matched by the RSPCA's partners

    Who exactly are these "partners" who will match the donations ?

    The linked page says nothing, and doesn't even mention this particular "deal".

    • Read the linked page/s more closely … peteralexander, and PetBarn Foundation nationally, plus additional partners on a State / Territory basis, as mentioned on the relevant State / Territory specific pages.

  • Great timing - just got my bonus hit my account today!

  • My point is if they had a reasonable cost this wouldn't happen : https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6098517/RSPCA-rehom...
    Australian figures unfortunately are hidden well by the organization for obvious reasons .

  • My opinion of this mob is that they are just money grubbing scumbags!

    What does RSPCA approved chicken - mean or RSPCA approved this and that?? Nothing is my guess! Chickns are still slaughtered in the same way.

    Why is their pet insurance considered one of the most shonky by Choice?

    How many perfectly rehomable dogs are slaughtered by them each week in NSW?

    Give you money to a real animal caring rescue group instead! Don't be scammed by slick and expensive advertising

    • If they were "perfectly rehomable" they would have found homes.

      When I had cats we adopted mongrel moggies from the pound for under $100. But is that generally the case for dogs? Go to any park and there will be 'designer' pooches everywhere. A neighbour spend $THREE GRAND on a purebred.

    • They do a good job. We've fostered some very abused, injured, old and ailing pets that had been tortured or left to die in terrible conditions by their 'owners'. Helping these lovely animals recover and find love and a new home is extremely rewarding. We've volunteered at RSPCA and awlq and can say for certain their vets work very hard and save a large number of animals. They do very important and kind work.

  • Don't give them your contact details - I donated once and now they spam me with phone calls almost every week.

    • I've donated multiple times and never been called.

    • I did not donate when offered a “free” training book. They begged for a donation when they called to get my address and then via text and email spammed. I love the gen premise of RSPCA and know on the line they do great work but if they can afford to advertise on Facebook (how I came across the book) and give away free books they are not hurting for money 💰.

      • Unfortunately this is the model for charity now days, you need to get your name out there. Things like emails would, probably, cost very little to send out. They, probably, get discounts on fees for various other advertising options and things like Facebook have a targeted audience for them. I’m sure they would prefer they didn’t need to use these options either.

        I give a certain amount to the RSPCA, and Lort Smith, each year. The amount doesn’t change with the advertising.

        I’ve adopted several of my past kitties from the RSPCA and they do a lot of good work in relation to prosecuting people on cruelty charges.

  • I’ve donated.