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[PC] Humble Creative Pro Bundle A$41.07 - Incl CorelCAD $699 Corel Painter 2020 MSRP $429 CorelDraw 2020 MSRP $209 ~$2k total


Multi tier software bundle.

We bring you an exclusive creative pro’s creation dream with Corel worth ~$2k. With an impressive bundle that includes award winning tools used by artists from Disney, Ubisoft, Blizzard and Riot Games take you from 2D art and design to expert image editing, multi-publishing and CAD design. Not only do you get a professional CAD software, you also get Painter 2020, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and over 1,200 brushes, 15 Scripts, 8,000 clipart and digital images, vehicle wraps and hi-res digital photos, not to mention over 1,000 TrueType and OpenType fonts and design templates to help you slay your creative goals. Your Creative Superhero status awaits!

~AU$1.36 Tier

AfterShot Standard

~AU$37.39 Tier

Locked contentPaintShop® Pro 2020
Black & White High Key Script for PaintShop Pro
Locked contentColor High Key Script for PaintShop Pro
Locked contentBlack & White Low Key Script for PaintShop Pro
Color Low Key Script for PaintShop Pro
ParticleShop + 11 Brush
Locked contentBrush Pack 2 Smoke & Steam
Brush Pack Combustions

AU$41.07 Tier

CorelCAD (MSRP$699)
Corel Painter® 2020 (MSRP$429)
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 MSRP($209) NOTE: 6-month Subscription Credit card info required
Brush Pack - Mike Thompson
Brush Pack - Don Seegmiller
Brush Pack - Android Jones
Brush Pack - Creepers
Brush Pack - Inking
Locked contentBrush Pack - Graphic Impact
Locked contentBrush Pack - Sketch
Locked contentBrush Pack - Starry Night
Brush Pack - Translucent
Brush Pack - Fantasy
Light Leak Scripts

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  • I've used paintshop since the 90s when it was shareware. My current version is 2019 and this bundle is way cheaper than just upgrading the main program. I find it easier to use than photoshop - but I have been using it for a long time so I already know it. The top tier one is a lot of value! With covid making my work evaporate I just don't know I can justify the upgrade, but so tempting.
    EDIT: 2021 is out and my 2019 ultimate version is AUD$119 to upgrade.

    • Especially when photoshop is $30 a month this is pretty good value. Plus you could get this as part of the government's instant assets write off if it's for your business.

  • Thoughts on corelcad?

    For basic cad. Drawing a house, say. Not mechanical engineering etc.

    • I did my full house in the free version of https://floorplanner.com/ . I also put all my furniture in so I could move things around on screen first before hauling stuff. Saved me hours of moving gear and probably several visits to the chiropractor. If you want basic design before going to a builder it should do the job for free. I was amazed as to how realistic it was. And did I mention free! I have not used corels cad product but I like the paintshop stuff.

      • Perhaps I used an imperfect example. I want to draw, for example, my front gate design etc.

        So I'm after basic cad like autocad as its easy to use, but without the price tag. I found librecad clunky

  • CorelDraw is just 6 months free subscription and will need a credit card

  • Thanks OP. PaintShop Pro is nostalgic for many here. AfterShot is even more so for me as a Bibble alpha tester 21 years ago up until Corel acquired it.
    For $1.36 I might buy it even though DNG is still against their Bbblelabs DNA.