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Cute Corgi Plush - from A$33.30 (Including Additional 10% off) + Delivery (Free on Orders over A$42) - Samo Gifts


Samo Gifts is a giftshop and sells these cute corgi plush, with three different variants and sizes.
The site has a sale on all products up to 40% off and does free shipping over around $42.
The coupon code OZSAMO10 gives an additional 10% on top of the sale and can be applied at checkout.
Prices mentioned in this post are in AUD and can be selected at the bottom of the product page (or at checkout).

Here's the link to the deal:
Samo Gifts - https://samogifts.com/products/cute-corgi-companion

And here's the link to the other cute plush products:
Samo Gifts - https://samogifts.com/collections/plush-companions

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