Tefal Hard Anodised Saute Pan with Lid 30cm $39.99 Delivered @ Costco (Online Only / Membership Required)


This 30cm speciality pan from Tefal is part of it's range of hard anodized, aluminum made saute pan. The pan is designed to evenly distribute heat and it has been further treated with a non-stick coating surface to ensure superior cooking performance.

Brand - Tefal
Country of Origin - China
Material - Hard anodised aluminium
Size - 30 cm
Capacity - 4.75 L
Model Number - D9268244

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  • I have the same design but a bigger one at home. Only had it for 2 months and I only used plastic/ silicone soft spoons on it. It has been scratched everywhere and will never buy a Tefal kitchenware again. Just be aware of the scratching. No wonder the prices are so low. You get what you pay for!

    • I have had the opposite experience to you. I too have the bigger one and have been using it almost weekly for 4+ years now.
      Yes has minor starches on in the inside (very minor), and the outside has seen better days… but I swear by it!

    • Similar experience - Jamie Oliver Tefal fry pan, totally useless as non stick, only ever used wooden utensils. Non stick coating starts to flake off and bubble. I've got plenty of other pans without an issue (analon, scanpan, raco, le creuset, ALDI) and the Tefal is the only one with an issue. Even my $10 Ikea pan held up better.
      And don't ever bother trying to take them up on their "lifetime guarantee" for the non stick coating - they will find any reason to get out of honouring it, like making accusations that are impossible to prove either way -"must have been used at too high temperature" , "incorrectly cleaned" etc etc BS
      never again Tefal

    • You simply don't buy Chinese Tefal. Pretty much all their anodised and stainless steel range are made in China.

      You need the old fashion boring aluminium ones, they are usually made in France. The coatings are much better.

      • I bought a tefel small fry pan from myers which I spent over $50, that one got scratched pretty bad (from making just eggs). maybe it depends on the cooktop and how much heat it can handle. I have a gas cooktop so yeah.

  • RRP $149.95; currently being sold for around $89 at DJs and Myer.

  • I am fine with tefal pans bought in wooly , running fine from last 1 year. you have to use non abrasive pads to clean.

  • No one needs non-stick cookware. It's absolutely unnecessary.

    Invest in some triply stainless or any good stainless and some cast iron, and maybe a carbon steel wok. That's all you need. If you're worried about food sticking, use some coconut oil /spray.

    If you insist on nonstick, always use some cooking spray oil, that way you won't get things scratched up, and clean with non-scratch sponges. I'd never put pans in the dishwasher.

  • CHINA no thanks.

    They were still competitively priced when made in FRANCE. Now they want the same money for a 1/10 the cost.

  • Bogan aspirations. Buy a proper brand with proper non stick.