Is It a Good Car and Does It Have Too Much KM ? looking for a cheap 2nd car less than 2000 dollars

Hi mechanics guys !

Just like to get your point of view about this car here

It will be a 2nd car, so not doing a lot of km a week (probably around 100km max a week)

Was talking to the owner already , she can sell it for 1900 …

I m still pushing to get a better price as i m not sure about the km on the clock ..

How many km this type of motor can do ?

Thanks everyone !

Enjoy the long weekend ahead !!


  • If it drives fine, doesn't blow smoke, it's under $2k with 9 months rego. A Yaris doesn't really have anything to go wrong, as it doesn't really have anything.

  • A container of oil in the boot in a car for sale is always reassuring. They may just be admitting that a car with 320k kms is using a bit of oil. An honest used car seller.

  • Noticed a bottle of oil in the boot. This car probably burns a fair bit of oil or leaks oil.

    If you're doing short trips its ok, just need regularly monitor the oil level.

    $1900 sounds ok, is that including roadworthy to transfer the car into your name?

    • It’s in NSW, no RWC required for transfer, as it would have had one 3 months ago. Would be about $100 in transfer costs (transfer fee + stamp duty)

  • Pros:
    Given the value of the car, 9 months rego should be a big plus point in its favor.
    1 year rego is generally worth around $800 anyways. So 9 months you're getting about $600 value there (Otherwise think that your getting the car for $1300). I wouldn't ask for much more off, but maybe ask for 1.6 and end at 1.8 or so. As the comments above say, not much wrong with these as they generally are whitegoods on wheels and they seem honest about the oil usage (which is acceptable given age).

    Possible Neg:
    The car has a new number plate (I have a unusual interest in these things) - CV-00-AA - signifiys that the plate was issued only around 3-6 months ago (I know as I got a car rego'ed in July and the running range was CX-00-AA). And as such likely got a blue slip at the time of its current rego. (Rego after blue slip is min 12 months). This means that the car most likely was brought interstate to NSW and rego'd or sat around for a while and was re-registered recently.

    While this in its self isn't a point for concern, the owner might have spent a fair few $$$ to get it into roadworthy condition (as noted in repairs in ad) and after a few months of driving either of bored, or more likely, became aware of more issues with the car that need attention. With the low value of the car, they probs decided that the car was uneconomical to repair and that decided to just sell up and cop the loss than try and fix a car that's ultimately worth no more than $2k if it were good.

    To support this, the engine bay pic looks suspiciously clean and whilst it looks great to an everyday buyer, to most car people that looks quite suss, as it looks like the seller is trying to hide leaks. There is a level of presentability re: engine bay when selling a car thats ideal (i.e. clean & tidy and without mud/dust everywhere) but this takes the cake, I can't even see a tiny bit of grime anywhere. For a car that's 17 years old thats not normal.

  • I didn't know these could even make to it 300k kms….

    • Why wouldnt it? Low power output, low stressed engine, low stress on trans. Probably still drives like a gem.

  • Please make sure you have enough money left over for at least third party insurance.

  • I have less knowledge about cars. I have bought second hand cars with high Kms and had problems with them within a month or 2. The lesson I learned is stay away from old high kms cars and to get the car checked by a honest mechanic before buying.
    Hope this helps.

  • thanks everyone for your help, i think i m going to look for something else ,

  • one final note - you need to be realistic with your expectations when looking for a $2000 and under car…with rego…