Speeding Fine - P Plater NSW

Hi, we have an 18 year old that was caught doing 67 in a 50 zone, which obviously will be a wake up call. The offices booked him, and let him drive off, and said there would be an infringement notice in the mail. Given the amount of points involved being 4 points, and he only has 4 points on his license, he is set to lose his licence for 3 months.

Any idea how long it takes before the letter comes, or how long before he loses his licence for at least 3 months?

Any one with recent experience over the last few years, if they could give us a rough idea, it would be much appreciated.

I don't see the sense in taking it to court as he could end up with an even worse penalty, as well as court costs.


  • Do you automatically lose your license in NSW? In qld we get to choose 3 months suspension or 12 months good behaviour.

    • Unsure. I assume they get suspension from a certain time.

      I once had a speeding fine, and the original went missing. My now ex-wife hid the reminder, as we were under financial stress at the time. Next thing, a letter/email comes through that my licence is suspended (and had been for a week). I rang the RTA, and they said I had to catch a bus to the RTA to make the payment, as for some reason they couldn't clear it over the phone.

      • I think it's from the date that you pay the fine from what I've heard. So if you delay that you can delay when it is suspended I assume to just before it is due.

  • Any idea how long it takes before the letter comes

    If my experience is any indication, months. I was pulled over for a minor offence (Put 2 left wheels over an unbroken side line) and the officer read me the riot act (me laughing and saying “ok champ” probably didn’t help).

    He said I would receive the infringement in the mail. This was in April last year. I finally got the notice in September last year, some 5 months later. That being said, I think the speeding and the points attached in your example is far more severe, so it will/should come a lot sooner than that.

    I also don’t think taking it to court would work, based on prior form and the fact that it’s not a low range offence. If you were going to pursue that course of action (needed to keep license for work/family carer) you are best seeking actual legal advice.

    Links to RMS with information you may need;
    Demerits points for learner and provisional licence holders
    Losing your license

    • Yes, I bet the visit from the mailman will be one that he is not looking forward to. Given that Auspost has cut back on mail deliveries, delivering letters 2 to 3 times a week, we are mainly concerned that if was driving, and he is pulled over, has an accident etc, then he will be in a worse situation.

      I've suggested that we take the car keys off him, until he receives the letter saying what happens next. Gotta catch a bus now.

  • Should be able to check his licence status online.

  • Does the car have cruise control? I find it very useful in avoiding going over the speed limit unintentionally.

  • You should contest it if there were no signs saying not to speed

    • Doesn't set a great example for an impressionable youth.

      • Weren't you young once?

        • Yes, and I managed to get off my P's without driving stupid and losing my license. Not all young people are hoons, and everyone needs to learn to accept the consequences of their actions.

        • God I'm so sick of hearing this, yes I was young, in fact arguable I still am, so what? We're never going to change anything if the young are always excused. It's like they're expected to be speeding at that age.

  • I guess your son has eyes and can read so why does he need a GPS to warn where speed cameras, school zones are and to warn him if he's speeding?

  • The officer will post or email it. Can take months. You will get a reminder notice before any final action is taken.

    When you make a paymemt or the fine goes overdue, the RMS are notified and they will send a letter advising when the suspension will start.

    This is assuming you are not contesting?

    I have seen suspensions downgraded by the court to 1 week for a p-plater.

    This is NSW

  • In SA once you pay the fine it's forwarded to Service SA and once they process it the disqualification starts 30 days from then. They send you a letter and you have to go to Auspost to acknowledge you received it.

  • If I remember correctly, they must serve you the fine within a certain time of the offence.

    I had one years ago. My lawyer told me if it came even a day late, he can get rid of it easy. Too bad for me, it got delivered on the last night.

  • How’s your insurance gonna be now? That could be a reason to try for a different outcome but take the keys off him anyway if only to get him to feel the pain and learn from it. If you get caught once you will most likely have done it more often.

  • Fine should appear on the NSW service app in about 2 weeks and suspension should start from the day you actually pay it.

  • Pretty sure all speeding fines come with a disqualification period for p players, so given he has gone over points too, he may well be suspended for longer.

  • Why even contemplate taking to Court…. oh your Honour I know I was 20kph over the limit…

    Let this be a lesson. I hope the Notice takes 6months… and that they loose their licence for 12 months.

  • He will face 2 suspensions - one for points and one for speed. He will also be given an extended time on his red Ps.


    He will receive a letter within 28 days. Make sure his address is up to date on the app or Visit SNSW to update it. It is his responsibility to have a current address to ensure he receives the letters. Once he receives his first letter, it will spell out exactly what sanctions he will face. After he serves the speed suspension, he will reapply for a licence and then will be formally refused for another 3 months for demerit points.

    If he accrues another speeding offense, he will be disqualified from holding a licence and be required to resit a special Knowledge Test for reoffenders and will also do another Driving Test before getting it back.

    • After he serves the speed suspension, he will reapply for a licence and then will be formally refused for another 3 months for demerit points.

      You have to re-apply for the 3 months to start? So if you wait for 3 months after the speed suspension, you will still be denied for another 3?

  • misses at the time lost hers for doing 100 in a 90 and not having her licence on her (although she did and couldn't find it). took about 2 weeks for the fines to rock up. she was 18 on her P1 and took it too court and lost it for 48hrs rather than 3 months.

  • When does he turn green p? 7 points right?

  • Got done going 30km/h on a full licence last year in August. Letter came a week after and I paid the fine immediately, hoping I’d get my licence back in time for Christmas shopping. The suspension didn’t kick in until late October.