[Switch] To the Moon $12.60 (was $18)/Blood will be spilled $4.40 (was $22) - Nintendo eShop


All time lowest prices for these two games on the eShop.
To the Moon is a must play game if you like indie games with a great story.

Blood will be spilled: https://ec.nintendo.com/AU/en/titles/70010000026209


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  • Ah the feels..
    If only To the Moon has a physical release, and if only they release the rest of their games on Switch too.

  • Great game, a shame that the sequel, Finding Paradise isn't on Switch, that one was a masterpiece.

    • there is a sequel ?!?!?!


      • Yep, the current series is as follows:
        - To the Moon (2011)
        - A Bird Story (2014) ('Minisode' related to the full sequel) (Personally wouldn't suggest playing this prior to FP though)
        - Finding Paradise (2017)
        - Imposter Factory (releasing later this year)

        Personally, I thought Finding Paradise was a huge improvement in the quality of writing over To The Moon and I would definitely recommend playing it.

  • Had no idea To the Moon was available on Switch. Owned it on PC for years but haven't got around to playing it lol, Might have to re-attempt on the Switch. Thanks OP!