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[Back Order] Logitech G X52 Flight Control System for PC $198.14 + Shipping (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Finally posting my first deal. Was looking around for a good flight stick and throttle pack for Star Wars Squadrons and MS flight sim and came across this deal from Amazon UK through the AU site. Compared to local pricing I don’t think you’ll find this much cheaper with shipping.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Looks like I got the last one in stock. Estimated to be back in stock in around two weeks.

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    Been waiting for a joy stick deal for flight sim. Solid price

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      Not for driving sim? I kid, I kid ;)

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        Yes driving sim. He is gonna pilot the Saab cars.

        • Too good! XD

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    Good price. When these were still Saitek (Logitech buy and rebrand) iirc correctly getting them ~$200 was a bargain. The grip rubber is that sort of compound that turns sticky as it degrades as it ages though and I don't imagine that's changed.

    Oh, I should add the following PSA for those about to buy a HOTAS:


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      My son bought one of these second-hand, and lent it to me to try MS Flight Sim.

      Can confirm that even after hours of cleaning, the sticky can't be removed and the software is awful.

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        Maybe it's not the rubber…

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        Yeah, you have to properly remove it as it cant be cleaned. Havn't done it on the Saitek, but I plan on covering grips with PlastiDip and see how that goes.

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        Use Isopropyl alcohol to get rid of it. I hate that crap.

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        you can try to sandpaper it, it won't look the same but you can smooth it out. youtube it

      • you can try buying a racquet grip and stick it on the handles

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      Don’t know if it’s the same rubber but I had the same problem with degradation on my lightsaber grips. Managed to get rid of the stickiness with isopropyl alcohol, coffee filter papers and a LOT of patience.

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        I have had best luck removing sticky rubber with 'desolvit' and a scourer. Can get desolvit from bunnings and some supermarkets, really handy stuff to have.

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        2nd. Alcohol and friction works wonders with soft plastics. Wet wipes work once you realise you need to clean soft plastics regularly. I am glad that soft plastics computer parts trend is mostly over…

      • If Isopropyl doesn't wok as good as you want, try a little Mineral turps on a cotton bud. I used this method to get the sticky rubber coating off my Razer Naga Epic some years back.

    • I paid just shy of $300 for the Pro version, in January - no sign of sticky (and I have several mice that have the issue, so I think its different stuff).

      Might be different for non-pro.

      That said Flightstick + voice Recog + Roccat tablet app and i think I almost have enough controls here for my VR setup.

      One day I hope to be able to leave the dock in ED

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    As someone who have been playing flight sims for almost three decades now I would recommend TM's 16000M as these don't last very long.

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      The T16000m has a reputation for twist axis failure unfortunately.

    • Is the throttle even necessary? It looks cool, but couldn't I just use keyboard shortcuts for throttle and just rely on the stick. It kinda looks like the TM 16000M stick has a mini throttle on it anyway.

      • You certainly can just use the slider.
        A HOTAS (hands on throttle and stick) just makes it easier to access the functions without taking your hands off the controls.

        • +3

          HOSO (hands on stick only) sounds cheaper.

          • @AustriaBargain: Cheaper, but if you want to use in VR, then a throttle is a must.

    • Been using the Thrustmaster 16000M and the throttle controller in Elite Dangerous for nearly one year, yes the yaw control (potentiometer) did loosen up twice, I had to open the joystick up, filed down the surrounding brackets and repositioned the potentiometer. Quality is adequate, not great. But I have also read owners of this Saitek X52 have commented the quality is even worse.

    • That is double the price. How does this x52 compare to the Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS?

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        The x52 falls apart much earlier after Logitech bought over Saitek. I just looked at the prices now and am amazed at how much they have gone up.

        You can just get away with buying the tm16000 stick but the throttle is pretty good and has a rocker for rudder control.

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    I still have my original Saitek one… It's 15 years old now, still works perfectly!

    • +1

      Geez if it were any older it'd use a COM port.

      Thank goodness those days are over

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      Mine works until it decides to roll 100% to the left.

  • This or the Thrustmaster T-Flight (without peddles)? hmmmm…

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      I think this is a pretty big step up from the T-flight. That one doesn’t even have any resistance on the throttle and the whole thing feels a lot cheaper IMO.

    • Also the T-Flight really lacks buttons on both the throttle and joystick side. The throttle only has a handful of buttons such that it's no better than those little slider throttles on the cheap Logitech Extreme 3Ds.

    • “Peddles”?
      Are you a travelling salesman?

  • Would not recommend. I recently purchased the x52 pro which is the higher end version of this model and trying to get it to work was a nightmare. Might have been a dodgy unit, but no matter what combination of software, usb port, or fix suggested online by people suffering similar problems I could not get all the inputs to work at the best of times, let alone having the thing work at all at the worst.

    • For whatever reason, if I open up the "set up USB game controllers" thingy in Windows 10 then open up the Properties window for the x52/x52 Pro (have both) and leave that button testing window open in the background, I get access to all the buttons for binding in games like Elite, MFS20 and SW:S. YMMV and it's a pain in the rear but mostly works for me.

    • Were you plugging into USB 2?

      • USB 2, 3, all the ports on the front and back of my PC.

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    This is a good price for a HOTAS, but Logitech/Saitek/Mad Catz flight sticks are not built to last from a build quality perspective (though unfortunately, really nothing new below the VKB Gladiator NXT (approx $300) will last unless you can find ye old Microsoft Sidewinder and CH Fightersticks. If you're using the X52, I would suggest looking up how to do the "magnet mod" to make the axis response more linear.

    • How do we even order the VKB Gladiator NXT to Australia?

      • +1

        They were on the VKB Sim Asia-Pacific AliExpress store 2 weeks ago for approx $300 (for the premium grip version) including shipping and GST ; unfortunately they're out of stock now so you'd have to wait again :(

        • Oh nice, it looks like they are just out of stock until the end of Chinese moon festival.

          I am thinking of getting the NXT to replace my X-55 stick as it seems to have a few more features and a bit nicer quality. The Gunfighter mk. III is a little out of my price bracket.

    • I dont agree with that. I have a Logitech X52 and its pretty damn solid. Not as solid as my old Microsoft Sidewinder FF2 stick, but nothing is.

  • +1

    is flight simulator fun?

    • +2

      Very fun

      • In a job simulator kind of way.

        • If you are a professional pilot.

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    Any suggestions for a PS4 HOTAS? Wanna buy one for Squadrons but not psyched about reviews on the Thrustmaster T.Flight.

    • I use a T.Flight and its perfect..

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    I think the online forums are mostly in agreement that the T16000 is a better product and value, of course the HOTAS costs more but owning the regular T16000 can confirm it’s a great product.
    The most slated reason being the Hall effect sensors in the T16000

    • Does the 16000 have resistance on the stick and throttle?

      • Stick yes, throttle no.

        • What's the cheapest throttle you can get that moves by itself when you activate autopilot or AI pilot in flight simulator.

          • @AustriaBargain: There's none on the market. You have to DIY or get a boutique sim-pit company to build that for you.

            • @akaakmdm: What happens to these thottles when you do turn on the AI pilot and the throttle in the game changes?

              • @AustriaBargain: In MSFS, it will ignore the current throttle controller's position and lets the autothrottle control the throttle, until you move your throttle controller at which point autothrottle would disengage.

  • I can recommend the Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS one… cheaper too.

    Not the best but really good value, used to play elite dangerous and never had an issue or felt it was inadequate


  • Says doesn't deliver to my location

  • Why people would buy this over thrustmaster is beyond me. This is the 2003-4 version not even PRO version.

    • Having used both I would suggest the exact opposite. If you're talking about the T-flight that is. If you're referring to the 16000M then it's up to personal preference but the TM does cost a fair bit more than this deal.

      • T-flight nah, I meant the T.16000m. T-flight is the console focused one or something?

        It's only overpriced atm due to over-demand, it used to be $300 for the whole kit including pedals.

        Either way, X52 is very meh. I have the PRO since 2014 and it requires physical mods to function at full capacity. Magnet mod (neodym magnets) + Spring mod (tension to reduce slop). I can't fathom the even earlier non-pro version.

  • +4

    This entry level product is not that good. It is very old with some flaws in design. Thrustmaster is a little better. But real quality comes from VKB. The Gladiator NXT is the KING in the sub 400AUD range.

    • Indeed, I'm glad I managed to grab a Glad while they were in stock. That said, I still think the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 is the true king!

    • +1

      True, but you can't beat this deal at under $200. I mean it's competing against the T-Force at that price range. Not even close to $400.

    • +2

      Yeah but can you even get those in Oz?

      • They were on the VKB-Sim Asia Pacific Aliexpress store about 2 weeks ago, but unfortunately they're out of stock again for now :(

  • Mine arrived and the stick doesnt seem to move very freely, seeing lots of reports of this "X52 stiction" but usually after they've had the device for a period of time, not out of the box. Anyone have similar issues? Thinking I got a dud.

    • When did you place your order? Still waiting on mine.

      • Same day deal was posted..

        • Ok got mine today.

          Out of the box, it did not move freely. After several hours of MS FS it has loosened up however. Has yours improved?

          • @eediot: Mine got worse, tried silicone spray and it almost totally locked up. So cleaned that off completely and used graphite (the fine powdery stuff) on the joystick shaft (insert innuendo here) and it totally loosened it right up as you'd expect it to be out of the box.

            Seems to be common problem, just wasnt expecting it right out of the box.

            Other issue is the drivers and WIn10 - absolutely terrible once you install and try to use the little nub on the throttle and mouse begins to drift off. Had to either disable the device in device manager (comes up as a mouse) or uninstall Logitechs old drivers entirely. Downside here is without the drivers the LED screen remains not illuminated. Have no idea why logitech wont fix the drivers for something they still clearly sell/support.

            Overall was expecting a little better from a well-known brand like Logitech.

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