expired Elder Scrolls Skyrim Official Guide @ Big W - $38.84


Bought at Fountain Gate Big W.

$48 @ EB and $49.95 at GAME.

Got Skyrim for $63 from JB so my game + guide turned out to be $102 instead of the $109 from JB.

Battlefield 3 guide is decent too at $19 I think.

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    Internet supplies free guides…

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      Also, who really wants a guide for Skyrim? The best thing about this game is the discovery. If you get stuck, just Google the quest name.

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        Agreed, just listening to the music makes me wanna go out and adventure beyond…

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          In this day and age, would anyone shell out $38 for a game guide? The guide itself is already 50% of the price of the game itself…


        It would be good to have the guide if you get stuck alot, or if you're trying to find quests that you haven't done yet(in order to get the most out of the game).

        Although the wikis are very helpful, but they probably wont be complete this far from release.

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          or the battlefield 3 guide is 1 line only:

          "if you see anything move - SHOOT IT"

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          that's more MW3 than BF3, BF3 is plan and die(because the others are following the shoot and kill guide)


          I had a look at the BF3 guide at my big w store. It looks pretty shitty and 80% of the content is overhead maps.


          im confused. wouldn't a wiki be MORE up to date than a game guide that is probably already/soon to be dated?

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        I'm amazed that a game guide could be this expensive — it's half the price of the game itself, for goodness sake! It's also more than double the price on Amazon US, so there's a huge amount of gouging going on in Australia.

        I've never bought a guide for a game in 20 years of gaming, so I guess I can't understand the need for such things. There's more than ample information of the web already about this game, and there'll be more than you'll ever need in the coming weeks.

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    All of you have a solid point about being able to just play the game and discover things for yourself, not to mention have access to the Internet and the convinience of looking things up for free but you guys should be more open minded about this deal. It was posted up with good intention to inform people who are interested about the guide. If its not your thing then that's fair enough. But don't be judgemental. Everyone has their own preferences.


      which is the reason why it was not negged? Otherwise $40 for a guide that I won't even read or have any value 5 years later is borderline extravagant(un-ozbargainlike)

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    damn…. i almost gave myself a heart attack when I glanced and saw Skyrim is $38.84 @ BigW!

    then i took a breath and read it properly ;).

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    You do know it's like 700 pages, right? It's a MASSIVE guide. I love reading these things (not for a game I'm playing tho) to pass the time.
    Saying that; yeah $40 is way too much.

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      This, these things are always interesting to read as you'll almost always find someting out about the game you never knew before.


    need scans…

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    I think the guide would be good to look at while/after you've played the game. You could discover new things that aren't necessarily spoilers or just read about some cool areas, maybe even read about an area you went to before but forgot a room full of treasure :)

    Also it would just be a fun read!


    I miss the game manuals of older games, this is why I like 'guides' at times. I like to have a physical book and read the lore, etc.


    I bought the guide instead of the game. Now I can adventure in my mind!


      true ozbargainer? No electricity, gaming gear or Energy drinks were harmed during the adventuring going on in theworks head


    bookdepository.com had this for about $23 delivered, but they're out of stock now.

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    I had a look at this at BigW the other night, looks pretty good. I do appreciate a good Game Guide for Bethesda games. Mainly so I don't miss anything :)

    Apart from that, the map ingame is pretty crap, and the map with the book shows everything in great detail.

    The other thing you have to remember is this is a Bethesda game and doesn't like being Alt-Tab'd (tested already, not great) so wiki'ing it up isn't going to be too much fun.

    In terms of being outdated, this guide has had 2000 man hours of gameplay go into compiling it and doing everything (including input from the developers), so it's all good. The only thing it won't have is DLC, but since I don't believe in DLC (and who really needs horse armour)…

    There's some more info on the guide here (if you need some convincing):

    Apart from all that, it's a great keepsake with some pretty pictures.

    Pricewise, that's quite steep. I ordered mine from Fishpond thinking it would get here quicker than Amazon


    Got the Hardcover version for about $3 more than Big W are trying to sell the cheaper one for. That said, it hasn't posted and they suggest it'll probably be 19th-24th that they put it in the post. So you're probably better off. It's definitely something you want when you start the game to help you know how your decisions now will affect your eventual character.