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Perth to/from Broome $199, Exmouth $149, Kununurra $249 One Way @ Virgin Australia


From November, 18,000 one-way flights to Exmouth are available from $149 in the low season and $169 in the high season.

A further 20,000 one-way Virgin Australia flights to Broome from November are $199.

From March to September next year, flights to Kununurra are available for $249.

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  • It would be good if the Amex flight certificates could be used for these routes. These companies need to be more flexible.

  • Are these cheaper than they were previously, or weren't they available before?

    • Flights within WA are usually over $500, thus all the Bali holidaymakers, cheaper flights, cheaper accommodation and cheaper everything else when you get there.

      Edit: just realised it's one way, not much of a saving then tbh

    • Pretty standard sale prices in my opinion.

  • Same price returned…or is that the catch

  • What's the point in one way do they expect us to walk back? Stupid if you ask me sell them as returns.

    • Rent car/campervan one way and go back with airplane one way.

      • Better still use own car, point is most people who will want to fly there will want to return with a flight and just dont get why it's only one way.

        Is returns xxxx in cost lol, or double the price?
        Yes lets get them all up there but rip them off on the returns.
        Is it really hard for the airlines to not offer deals with returns or when you get up there the suddenly are grounded and find yout own way back.

        Yes i know there are other way car,hire car or camper but im talking about the flights.

  • I wonder if you can use velocity points on these?

  • Similar deal available with Qantas (as the Govt is subsidising both airlines).
    Actually it looks like Virgin doesn't fly to Exmouth, so the Exmouth deal is only with Qantas.