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2x Repco Disc Brake Rotors + Brake Cleaner $99 @ Repco


Just noticed that Repco have a promotion where you buy two repco branded rotors and a can of brake cleaner for $99.

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  • ok this is a good deal

    it seems you can get a complete set of 4 rotors + 2 cans for $200 which is cheaper than a two from the dealer

    • Yeah it's not bad. Can get a pair of RDA rotors for my Focus for $120.95 @ Sparesbox, and they usually have 20% off deals which brings it down to $96.76. Seems like Repco don't have a rear set for mine though.

      • How does Repco quality compare to OEM or other aftermarket brands like RDA, DBA or Bosch?

        I get the feeling it shouldn't matter much for econoboxes. Knowing Mazda, their dealers probably want $600 for a pair of front rotors to suit mine.

  • Good deal if you can get the page to work, which I cannot. Seems to require me to scroll through 100's of rotors to find the one I need, then select, then do that again on the next row, but it won't let me select.

    Terrible web design Repco.

    Anyone get this to work?

    • yeah me

      the page works by selecting your closest store then make and model of your vehicle and then selecting from the menu on the left for compatible parts

    • know what you mean, the "add deal" doesn't filter the rotors relevant to your car. My suggestion is to shop by vehicle add the rotors that fit your car, then manually add the brake cleaner https://www.repco.com.au/en/en/oils-fluids/degreasers-cleane... this will bring it down to $99.

      • Perfect, thank you @kierand. Goes into the 'why didn't I think of that' basket. The 'add combo to cart' function is munted but your solution is quick and easy. 👍

      • ok screw this cart

        why do you have to sideways scroll thru shit you dont want

  • Check the fine print : Look at the "Fitment Notes: " and make sure you are getting front / rear and the correct diameter. Even when I specified the exact model the site offers two front rotors that "fit" of different diameters which just isn't possible. Have to do some checking before I buy.

    • Good tip @uzz30 all too easy to buy the wrong rotors have made that rookie error myself in the past, luckily Repco are pretty good with returns.

      • they might be good with returns but its a pain in the ass to put everything back together to drive down there to return them

        • You're not wrong. Lucky in my case I had another car, otherwise I would've been pretty annoyed.