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Logitech G920 & G29 - $390.50 + $12 Delivery [Normally $499] @ JB Hi-Fi Commercial (Membership Required)


Been looking at the Logitech g920 for a few months now and this is the lowest price I've seen new, usually between $499-$599.
Will need a membership.

Note though - the new model, g923 has recently been released so price might come down over the next few months.

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  • I got them for $290 when Dick Smith shut down.

  • Waaaaaay overpriced due to pandemic.

    Even if this deal came with the Gear shifter, it'd be overpriced.

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/453079

    That would have to be the best deal ever for the wheel for those who got one.

    • It's about what they're worth tbh. Clunky little things.

    • lol i got one with that deal…i quite enjoyed it. really regret selling it in March…would've been hella handy through this
      Vic lockdown!

      • How much did you sell it for?

        • Got it only for F1 so sold the shifter BNIB for $59 that same night. The wheel and basic ebay stand I listed for $400. wouldve taken $300 but the bloke was more than happy to pay full amount. He seemed like a top bloke so I told him I'd be happy to deal with warranty on behalf of him if anything goes belly up because warranty is non-transferable.

    • Yep I picked up a G29 with shifter for $199 from JB HiFi using this deal last year. It was a pricing error and they ended up refunding most people but I got lucky and picked mine up before they could do anything about it.

  • Ridiculous pricing.

  • I have a G29 racing wheel connected to my PS4, The steering wheel is really nice and accurate. But The clamp is brittle cheap plastic, It snapped off and currently I am in a warranty claim with Logitech to get the wheel replaced
    It is apparently a really common problem on the G29 since the clamps are 3D printed and I wish they were metal

    • There is no way Logitech 3D prints their clamps.

      • Looks like it. A YouTube review said it is 3D printed too

        • I saw that review too. He said these clamps are 3D printed because the original ones broke. None of these mass produced components are 3D printed but if they break then it's an option for replacement.

    • Just snapped my clamp this week too! 2nd hand wheel so i'll have to get creative with a solution

  • Definitely not the lowest price it's ever been, have seen it around $300 plenty of times

  • I bought the g920, shifter, pedals and a home made stand on fb marketplace for $120 a couple of years ago. Late last year I picked up a gt art racing seat and stand for about $150 and I have since added coaster to the bottom of the stand so I can move it more easily. The wheel is quite good for my now infrequent usage not sure if I would pay $400 when there has been a new model released.

  • Is there anywhere listed on what ways you can get access to the commercial portal?

  • These are expensive!

    I got a G920 bundled with a copy of Forza 7 (when it had just come out) for $271 from Harvey Norman

  • If youre spending over 300 imho just get a thrustmaster t300. Much smoother rotation, less deadzone in the ffb.

    Though if it is a T300 you go with be wary of buying from overseas As some versions will fry themselves when plugged into AU sockets.

  • The G29 and similar are horrible.

    There's a deadzone, it's ratchety but the wheel isn't even really the problem.

    The pedals are truly rubbish - they're way too short, slippery base and loose feeling.

    I bought mine for 300 last year (which should be the going rate by the way, not the RRP) and sold it to go full Fanatec.

    Honestly if you are going to stick in the budget category, go Thrustmaster - at least it's belt driven.