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Tricare Liquid Hand Soap Refill 3L (Antibacterial or Aloe Vera & Chamomile) $6.99 @ ALDI


We go through hand wash really quickly so I've been buying this 3L hand wash every time it comes out as a special buy at Aldi. The 1L is good value at $2.75 but this is even cheaper per litre ($2.33/L). There are two varieties to choose from, aloe vera & chamomile (white) or anti-bacterial (orange).

I find the aloe vera & chamomile similar to Palmolive's aloe & chamomile which is $3.25 for 1L this week.

It used to come with a pump which was really handy for refilling smaller containers but it doesn't look like it will have a pump this time from the website image. So if you already have one of these you may want to save the pump.

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