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[Pre Sale] Xiaomi Mi HEPA Filter for Air Purifier $35 + Shipping @ Kogan


Looking for a replacement air filter for a while. They normally sell for 50+ so this seems like a good deal. Free shipping with the 14 day trial of first. I think the sale ends tomorrow.

Mod Note: Available again on Pre-Sale (Ships on 1st Dec)

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  • is this genuine ??

    • They're saying it is. The non genuines are usually copies of the blue and green.

      • Are the Green or Purple ones better ? I mainly to filter heavy cooking smells and dust…

        • I think for smells I've found the green one to be better, it's got that extra filter on the inside as well. I had the blue one before - doesn't do anything for smells, but I've never tried the grey one so can't compare those.

        • Grey is the the best filter as it's H13. Green has the carbon filter and is better for removing odours. Purple is better for allergies and removing airborne particulates. Blue is the most basic filter and discontinued.

    • i have brought this before, it has a RFID chip at the bottom of the filter. Apparently it is used to authenticate and communicate with the app.

    • Hahah, ozbargainers usually ask questions like this only when something is from Kogan!

  • yeah this is pretty insane price

  • Shipping fees a bit high $17.99. Looks like it's cheaper for me to activate Kogan First for $11.99/ per 30 days, buy the stuff, then unsub. than to actually pay for the shipping.

  • Is this compatible with 3H? I'll instantly buy if yes.

  • Does this actual work, I've heard otherwise.

    • There's an air purifier shop that went around years ago with reviews saying how Xiaomi air purifiers are crap and you should buy this instead. The sad part is so many OzBargainers shared it while looking like a shill.

      They're excellent for bush fire season and allergies.

      • Wait, another company was badmouthing xiaomi and people believed it?

        • Yep they posted a review with a good case of Google SEO so it was one of the first results. People never bothered to view the homepage of the website to see that it was a rival.

    • Can confirm, last year my Asthma went to shit from the fires, bought one of these kept house closed and ran it at max and was much much better. I already got a spare filter in my cupboard waiting on it to run out next time.

  • Time to get in before bushfires flare up again!

  • Only worth it with Kogan First… Knocked up a new account for the trial. Thanks OP!

  • Says "Sold Out" for me :(

  • yep, missed out too

    • Me three! Can I just take out the old filter and clean it up & put it back? I clean the air cond filter and the dryer all the time :-)

  • Is this better than the "green" one people were getting until recently?

    • I suspect so, this is meant to be HEPA (which is different from TRUE HEPA, apparently)

  • It doesn't accept victoria address?!? Has anybody got the issue.

    Whatever melbourne address i put throws me an error

  • How often do we need to replace the air filters? I have the 3H. Xiaomi reccomend 6 months, but I have 1-30 particles per million and run it about an hour a day. Is there a way I can fool the sensor to keep the current filter going?

    • I think they should last at least 12 months. I just took mine out, blew the dirt off and put it back in. I leave the purifier on 24/7 but air quality is very good.

      • Man I hope you're joking? Do NOT blow on your filters, holy moly. HEPA and carbon filters CAN NOT be cleaned.

        You can only clean the pre-mesh screen if your model has this, doing so under running water, preferably outside.

        • Hepa filters can be cleaned. What a load of bs.

          • @velcrochicken: The filters typically found in air purifiers are not washable. There is no conclusive evidence in the slightest attempting to clean these types of filters is effective. The testing we can refer to, shows both mild improvements to longevity but also just as likely you will damage them.

            No method of cleaning can bring them back to peak efficiency, you are just slightly delaying the need to replace them. I also doubt you have the equipment in your house to evaluate if it worked or damaged the filter, but hey more power to you if you made that investment to prolong your filters a little bit.

            The only sensible solution is to replace them.

            I stand by by statement, they can't be cleaned, not to any effective, reasonable or verifiable standard for 99.9% of people.

            Do whatever you want, I actually want the air around me purified at an efficient level.

      • blew the dirt off

        So… What was the point of the purifier then? You literally blew the dirt back into the air!

        • Did it outside.. and yes, it was on the mesh screen only. I am sure the filter itself is still fine to use, only 6 months old and good air quality where it is used.

    • It should be 6months of continuous use/or about 12months otherwise because they just a bit nasty even if you don't run them to capacity. Most decent filters anyway.

      At 1hr a day, you should be more than fine for 12months. If it's hardlocked like that, I'd throw the whole thing out and get a brand that doesn't have forced filter sensor. If you can't just hold a button to reset, that's quite shit.

    • I have 2S, I just switch to "favourite" mode, set the speed (from the app) and it stays at that speed even after power cycle.

  • Unable to do 14 day trial of first with a new email address. It saying u already used this offer

  • Sold Out while in my cart checking out :(

  • that was quick, wanted to create new account and it's now sold out

  • For Reference:
    (anyone considering a non-genuine filter off Aliexpress - the one sold here is GENUINE)

    Non-Genuine Filters lack the NFC Tag at the bottom and will result in a "non-genuine filter warning" been displayed on the Mi Purifier 3H every minute or so. The usage is written to the Tag and stored in an EEPROM so you can't simply transfer the NFC sticker to a new filter.

    It does not affect the usability of the Air Purifier but is annoying as the AQI Display (Oled Screen) now displays a warning periodically. Keep this is mind when buying the Mi Air Purifier 3H (or newer models) as you will have to invest in new filters from Xiaomi only. If the filter expires due to runtime replacement. It will display a warning as well. In either case you can keep using the filter, but I despise planned obsolescence of any kind (even if its justified with a filter). If I believe the filter is usable and I have experienced limited bad Air Quality, I shouldn't have to replace with another Xiaomi Filter on a defined periodic basis.

    • thanks, this is helpful, i just bought a 3H and am about to turn it on today.

      if it's just a warning sign that pops up then that's not so bad, i was concerned it might stop working after 6mo.

    • I wrap my filter with a paper filter for split systems, once expired from runtime, I replace the paper filter and reset the unit.
      Using non- genuine filters in the Xiaomi, place a piece of foil covering the NFC tag, seems to work for me.

  • yea good deal! but gone too fast!

  • I just got another version with anti formaldehyde - also 35$. It's also HEPA.


  • its back in stock now

  • Ordered 2, they are back in stock
    Just realised that now kogan first has changed from $99/year to $12/month
    while the cost has actually increased, at least you can cancel at anytime throughout the year

    It has been a ripoff where I forgot to cancel kogan first year ago and got charged $99 :(

  • I bought this back in March $36.99 AUD delivered, just for anyone curious about the price fluctuations for this product

    • Because of the logistic impact due to COVID pandemic
      imported stock become more expensive in general because most air freights have been cancelled

  • Thanks , bought 2 with kogan first trial registration.
    Will cancel it next week :)

    • i cancelled right away and thought i'd still have 14 days, but went to purchase now and guess what? boom! your trial has expired please PAY UP.

      ffs kogan.

      • Can you cancel it straight after you make the purchase?
        will that order still entitle for the free shipping?

        • that's what i'm going to do now. but i'll leave it a bit later in case i want to order something else from them (not likely).

  • ebay just gladly price matched it with kogan, no need to wait till December ;)

      • Basically you buy from say from Mobileciti or Allphone who have it for $85.80 and you go on chat to get it price matched against Kogan (who they price match against). Not sure if you need to be and Ebay Plus member for price match but it certainly helps with free shipping and returns from an Ebay Plus seller. I just did it, make the total $33.25

        Link to Ebay item: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/402448385271

        Note: I made the mistake of using my $5 monthly Ebay Plus voucher. Do not use it as it gets deducted from the price match.

        • nice. surprised you got away Ebay not including Kogan's shipping costs in the total though.. and it's not even in (proper) stock on Kogan lol.

        • Hi, do I buy from ebay first then go on chat or chat before buying?

          • @mike82: You can price match within 48 hours after purchasing or you can jump on chat, confirm the price match, make the purchase while you re on chat and when they see the transaction, they will offer you the difference plus 5% of the competitor price in Ebay Voucher.

        • good call! just msged Mobileciti, waiting to hear back on the price match :)

        • Do you mean the ebay best price guarantee?

          I remember that price guarantee requires you to first purchase the item
          Then claim the difference within 48hours of purchase?

          Ebay will provide you a ebay credit for next purchase?

        • Ebay accepted the price match and gave me $52.25 back in a coupon. Total paid was $33.55 with free shipping. I had no idea they did price matching, cheers for the head up!

  • For $50 not worth it…

  • I’ve been using the filter that came with my purifier 3 years ago. I only need it to collect dust from the air which it does fine. I give it a vacuum once every few months with the Dyson, oh so satisfying vacuuming it

    • you probably filter your cooking oil as well 50 times before it turns dark like crude oil………lol

  • Is this suitable for 3H unit?? The shipping is a killer

    • Compatible Models Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H, Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S, Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H, Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

      So yes

  • Wow someone just stolen mine of the verandah. They probably thought it was something better lol. Anyone had any dealings with Kogan and porch pirates? Have video from eufy doorbell with the delivery and theft.