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Klipsch RP-600M Reference Premiere Bookshelf Speakers - (Ebony) $1,029.82 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon AU via Amazon US


1” titanium lts vented tweeter with hybrid tractrix Horn
6.5" Spun copper cerametallic woofers
Bass-reflex via rear-firing tractrix port
Dual binding posts for bi-wire/bi-amp
Strong, flexible removable magnetic grille

Not an all-time low according to Camel*3, but reasonable compared to local RRP of $1600, which is very rarely discounted locally.

These are very well rated speakers, great reviews for the price, some video reviews linked below for those interested.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      That's a great review that highlights the mids dip that many other favourable reviews also mention.

      Unfortunately, if we're only selectively quoting parts of that review - the section you have highlighted is not applicable to me because I do EQ. So if I was to do the same my takeaway would be:

      Dial in some simple EQ though and the speaker transforms into a beauty.

      If you have ability to EQ, and you better do if you are hanging around this forum, then you have a good offering.

      Thanks for your input.

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      People on this board really need to stop down modding and down voting anything they don't agree with. The review AlexF points to is useful. Do we really want a board that doesn't warn you about the negatives of a product? Especially since we tend to have to react quickly to buy before the deal expires or is OzBargained. Valid feedback should be encouraged.

      • +6 votes

        $1000+ for a pair of speakers that you literally have to MODIFY before they're any good is DOGSHIT.
        I'm not against putting in extra work and tweaking them to have them sound even better, but at $1000, they better sound god damn EXCELLENT OUT OF THE BOX.

        • +3 votes

          I'm not trying to sound disrespectful when saying this, but you don't sound like the target market for a component based hi-fi system. So much of the hobby is based on equipment pairing and tinkering and people enjoy the journey and discussing the subtleties.

          If you're looking for something that sounds excellent out of the box, you really need an all-in-one system - my recommendation would be something like the KEF LS50 Wireless II. But that is significantly more than this pair of passive speakers at $4,300.

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          Too right.. Pretty much any turd speaker can be wrangled to sound better with EQ or DSP. Room characteristics play larger influence than any marketing material suggests so no-one really ends up with what they think they bought. But, in a review, the speaker must be judged on its innate not (end-user) compensated performance, and this one is such turd.
          BTW. I don’t take offence with downvotes - Internet is a bazaar - any random is free to shout/spout whatever.


            @AlexF: It isn't about you taking offence. It's about buyer beware and others having access to the information you're providing before they hit buy. If you aren't logged in that comment of yours is going to get hidden due to downvotes, and many who are logged in have their preferences set to do the same.

            The anonymous downvoting is easily the worst aspect of Ozbargain.

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        While I agree to a certain extent I have to agree that the comment from AlexF isn't necessarily helpful because it makes it sound as though this speaker is terrible. Look at many other reviews and they all think it's amazing. This is a good deal for Australia but still above the standard price in the UK and US so it's still not a good buy in my opinion. However, they seem to be good speakers.

        "A speaker this inexpensive isn't supposed to be this good. It isn't rational. The Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-600M is not just a great loudspeaker for its price, or for horn-loving Klipsch Kids—it's way better than that."

        "Klipsch Reference Premiere 600M, the Audiophiliac Speaker of the Year"



          I have to agree with AlexF. If they're not good out of the box, they're not good. They aren't being sold with an EQ, nor are most Ozbargainers going to have the equipment to do it lying around. So out of the box they are what they are.

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    Not sure what that review is talking about. I use these as fronts in an atmos ht and they sound amazing.

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    The reviewer also purchased refurbished speakers. There may have been an issue with the speakers initially. Perhaps they had been returned for sounding average and the manufacturer just did a basic test (as in check to see if sound works lol) and repackaged them up again.

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    Everyone above is correct… this is the unfortunate-fortunate bitter-sweet beauty of the Hifi hobby! I've got classic speakers in my collection worth many thousands that get thrashed by very affordable modern Chinese models in a similar position in the same room with the same signal through the same gear. Throw a different track on, move the speakers, change a system component and that can very easily be flipped on its head! There's no such thing as the perfect speaker or the perfect system… as annoying as it is to not have a definitive goal it's still comes back to whatever sounds best to the individual. I may go through literally thousands of speaker & system configs in my life and never ever find the perfect system for me… but I'll have a great time doing it :) One of my favourite daily systems is based on speakers that constantly get bagged out by people all over the world but I don't care because I love the way that little system sounds.

    Best thing you can do when prices are this reasonable is just buy a pair and give them a go yourself then if you really dislike them after trying to live with them for a month or two simply pack them back in their boxes and sell them off. You'll probably only lose a hundred bucks in the process and sometimes if you're lucky/clever you can even make a small profit!

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    Speaker choice is somewhat subjective as everyone has different tastes. Some people prefer a forward sounding speaker, some prefer a more laid back sound.

    Many moons ago I worked for a bit in the audio industry, and at first, was genuinely surprised at the speaker choices some people made. Then I quickly realised what sounds good to one set of ears, sounds different to another set.

    Eg; my preference is a fairly laid back sound, like Bowers & Wilkins speakers. Others prefer a more bright sounding speaker, which I find tiring to listen too. But I should add that my hearing is fairly damaged, and was back then too, which may or may not have something to do with that.

    So, what I am saying is, the best idea is to go and audition a few sets of speakers in your price range, perhaps guided by reviews rather than taken as gospel.

    And I agree with everything SteveAndBelle has stated above.


      Yeah, it's a tough one hey. It can also be extended by adding the variable of music styles too which can be problematic for those like me who enjoy a wide range. Some speakers sound incredible with smooth vocals & reed instruments purely by design but throw hard rock or EDM through them and they're just woeful… and ones in my example were $11k speakers when new (Martin Logans). I ran a pair of the original $100 Volls alongside them for a while connected via a speaker comparator/router and blew peoples minds… and helped Voll sell several pairs of speakers in the process :) They obviously weren't in the same league however for most people the Volls were just such great little all-rounders and for the money did everything most people ever needed (and I completely agree!).

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        All very true. I have had speakers in the past that sound very ordinary with electronic and hard rock music but excel at classical and other milder genres.

        Same goes with subwoofers. I have had subs that excel at movies, sound great with lighter music but are flabby and terrible at hard rock, edm etc.

        I wouldn't call myself an audiophile by any stretch, more someone that appreciates decent sound. And I am definitely more into movies, home theatre thing, and have been for long time now. Never had what you would call top end gear as I literally couldn't afford it, lol.

        But in the past I have had some nice mid range gear, the best of which I have just sold. B&W DM601 S3 & SubSonic ML2 subwoofer, HK receiver theatre setup. Had them for near on 17 years, blew a lot of people away when the heard it and more importantly, constantly kept me happy.

        Replaced with some Jamo S801's. and nos MS 8" subs, lower end Pioneer receiver. Smaller, cheaper, but sounds better to me. Tighter, faster, more even panning between speakers and even more laid back treble.

        The more you spend, the diminishing gains you get. Like you said, some setups, for the money, are going to be everything you need. I believe we are on the same page, literally and metaphorically.


          Ah yes, those B&W 601 S3s always impressed me! I don't own a pair but a couple of mates do and the driver & crossover design is audibly seamless. I've also repaired a few (blown tweeters) and held onto them for 'testing' for far longer than I needed to ;) If I ever come across a used pair for a good price I'll snap them up without question.


        Your example highlights the pitfalls of high end hifi. The more you spend for better quality sound, the more revealing it becomes. Given that most rock/pop of the last couple decades or so is compressed to buggery, it will often sound worse on high end systems than a budget system because you hear every bit of compression and flaws in the mix.

        High end systems favour well recorded music e.g. classical, jazz and music not intended for mass commercial radio consumption, which is still suffering from the loudness wars despite everyone moving to streaming services. For most people there is no point in splurging on audio equipment if their genres of choice are modern pop/rock.

        The upside is that once you start investing into better hifi your music tastes expand as you start appreciating and enjoying better quality recordings.


    The question is will the price remain the same or lower come prime day?