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20% off Beauty @ Myer (in Store and Online; Exclusions Apply)


Good timing for me, 'cause I was going to buy a jar of Dior moisturising cream to take advantage of the spend $125 per day, get 1500 bonus MyerOne points offer!

Includes Tom Ford, Dior, Elizabeth Arden (there's a GWP if you spend $75 that ends tomorrow), MAC, Clinique, YSL, Givenchy, Estee Lauder, Lancome, etc.

Brands excluded: Aesop, Chanel, Jurlique, Jo Malone, anything sold under Mecca, Benefit (surprisingly), in store beauty services, Hunter Lab, The Ordinary, Pixi

Not a comprehensive list of exclusions; can't find them but these come from a quick search and general knowledge.

Don't forget your discounted gift cards/cashback sites!

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  • +1

    My Myer One offer is 1000 points for $100 per day.

    Hunter Lab excluded as well.

    • Yeah, my old offer I got last time was $100 for 1000 points (also bought Dior then haha).

      Thanks for the pick up; will add to the OP :)

      • How do you see the Myer One offer of spend X for Y amount points? From Myer One email or app? (Haven't received any email)

        • E-mail. If you didn't get the e-mail then you're not targeted

          • @kerfuffle: Guess the people who negged me weren't targeted …

            • @kerfuffle: Well I didn't neg you, but who knows if one may receive their email later in the day.

              • @lilkid28: I got the e-mail yesterday.

                Probably one of my haters following me around again negging my comments (hi!)

  • +3

    decent - especially with Shopbacks 8% cashback

  • Thanks OP for the heads up! I just checked and got the email too. Combined with cashback this is a good deal!

    • Won't be as good as the gift time when you spend $75 and receive some gifts,right?

  • Anyone has recommendations for a good face oil? Was thinking jurlique but it’s on the exclusion list.

    • +1

      Probably not a high-end product but I really enjoy using Trilogy rosehip oil

      • Yeah I had that before. it’s good but it doesn’t smell very refreshing.

    • +2

      jurlique is absolutely hands down the best oil imo.
      They had 20% off two days ago. But you can get 10% on first purchase if you sign up. I’ve used two bottles this winter, I’m super generous with it, and my skin is loving it!

  • There's a new one called jurli Kara

  • +2

    The Ordinary is excluded too.
    Also 15% off sitewide (20% off with $150 min spend) at Sephora. Not sure if you can stack it with 10% off first order,

    • +1

      sad, it's the only thing i wanted :(

  • ur already beautyful

  • +2

    Shopback have increased to 8% on beauty items via Myer however, it seems like you won't be able to use gift cards to make your purchase if you want to be eligible for it:

    Purchases made on the Myer app, Purchase of Giftcards and Purchases with the use of Giftcards ( Whether Partial / Fully ) / Myer Loyalty / Promo code not listed on ShopBack

    • Dior might be excluded too (it is when shopping via Cashrewards and Velocity eStore)

      Can also confirm that Cashrewards won't pay out if gift cards are used

  • Sweet. Get my wife some more sk2

    Edit: ok, either Myer has taken it off the website or they don’t sell it anymore

    • +2

      Does that sk2 really work? Find it hard to pay so much for a bottle of essence when there are heaps of Korean dupes.

  • +1

    Pixi is also excluded

  • -1

    OP, what does this mean? “there's a GWP if you spend $75 that ends tomorrow”

    • If you spend $75 or more on Elizabeth Arden, you get a GWP …

      • +1

        GWP OOS. Discount works tho

        • +1

          Darn it… was deciding whether to get some Elizabeth Arden cus of the free gift.

        • Thanks for letting us know! They still had GWP in stock at Sydney City Myer

  • $600 candle… that’s the reduced price


    what in the world. What makes a candle $600

    • What makes a candle $600

      Ask Jo Malone haha

  • Looks like its just the brands under Estee Lauder, even included Bobby Brown

    Wanted something from Benefit, maybe next time, in no rush.

    • Dior falls outside of the Estee Lauder umbrella

      I get my eyebrows done at Benefit in Sephora; my eyebrow person said that their manager was very surprised to hear that Benefit wasn't included in today's sale. Maybe a miscommunication?

  • If i activated the offer this afternoon but spend money in the morning (over the $125) would I still get the extra rewards?

    • For my case, they still give me extra reward.

  • So I finally realised that GWP means gift with purchase. I spent $88 on E Arden, but no gift showed up on my bag. I couldn't find any code to put anywhere either.

    I just paid for my bag, so it's well past midnight on 11th Oct AEST, but since it's not yet the 11th in Perth (thank goodness we're that big of a country) the discounts still applied. However, Cashrewards dropped from 8 to 5.5%. I had a $10 coupon from earlier and had to spend a $100 gift card so I clicked through anyways (may not work) but wth.

    Let me know if I could have done any better OP. Thanks for the post, anniversary and Xmas sorted for the missus.

    • +1

      You won't get paid from CR if you used a gift card. GWP didn't add to your bag because it's out of stock

  • Thanks OP! Great deal for a wide range of products. Grab a bottle of Acqua Di Parma Assoluta last night for a great price.

  • Woo got a new perfume after being indecisive for a very long time lol

  • Anyone had their order shipped or even received an order confirmation?

    Made the purchase via paypal and did not receive any sort of confirmation whatsoever

    • I've already received my entire order for over $700. They split it up though, but I have it all.

    • in your paypal transaction, it will shows order number, u can use that number with your email to check order progress on myer.com.au. Otherwise, give us a call on 13MYER

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