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London (Second Edition) Board Game $21.75 + Delivery ($0 with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon UK via AU


Fantastic board game at a killer price. Regularly around $60. Plays well between 2 - 4 players although it's not a short game.

Ranked 339 on Board Game Geeks. Has a Watch It Played tutorial on Youtube.

5/11: Now $22.53 (Was $21.75)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • $?

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      Sorry I forgot to stick price in title. Fixed now.

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    "too much like work rather than fun"?

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      Cancelled out the neg on this comment cause this is a quote from the Tom Vassel review which I just watched. I like the dice Tower for their unbiased reviews. His explanation of the mechanisms tells me I wouldn't enjoy this game.

      • Dice Tower is my goto site for reviews on board games. I've purchased a number of games just based on his reviews and have found them spot on, and for this one I'm also giving it a pass as it the quote above says it all.

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        This wasn't the game for him. My tastes are more in line with Zee from Dice Tower and I enjoyed the game with my partner who doesn't normally play board games.

        It's a different take on engine building and hand management by Martin Wallace. Gorgeous art and components and drags on a bit for two players imho but the poverty management isn't nearly as bad as Tom thinks (as pointed out in the many comments) and there's some player interaction during each turn due to the discard mechanism and theme. For the listed price, I think it's a steal.

      • Thank you.

  • From Amazon UK?

  • Awesome find. That's a steal

  • Best of British luck to you old chappy

  • +1

    Plus $20 postage unless I buy spend another ~$28
    Board game suggestions?

    • I topped up with jigsaws which are easy to just grab ones I like the look of.

    • 7 Wonders Duel is another great pickup with Amazon UK. One of my favourite two player games.

      • Have 7 wonders duel
        Would have grabbed them otherwise

        • Quacks of Quedlinburg @ ~$68 is a good Amazon UK pickup vs local $90+ pricing.

          For smaller and cheaper games, The Crew, Fox in the Forest and Lost Cities are all recommended by me with the best pricing via Amazon US/UK.

          • @materix01: Just saw a review of Quacks
            Compared to what you get in the box, isn't it overpriced at $68 let alone $90

            • @docians: I put value on how much play time and fun I get from my games. Quacks is worth it to me for how fun it is and how approachable it is with family and friends. Gloomhaven for example gives you a silly amount of content for the price but the setup (ideally needs a table dedicated for it) and how little it gets played makes it an unsuitable purchase for me.

              Quacks has been cheaper though. It was $55 a few weeks back.

              • @materix01:

                Quacks has been cheaper though. It was $55 a few weeks back

                and you didn't let us know then :)

                I think with covid it has been a sellers market though

    • The crew card game and Parker pen ✒️

  • Can't add more than 1..
    Now can add up to 3. Ordered 3!

  • Thx OP bought one

  • +17.06 for delivery even with prime


    • Or buy more stuff for free shipping.

  • +1

    Good deal but I cannot get the free shipping. Added Quacks of Quedlinburg from Amazon UK but shipping still not free. Any idea what I could do wrong?

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      Usually free shipping > $49 if you are an Amazon prime member and if the item qualifies for prime

      I've added to my cart and it does show free shipping

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        Thanks! My bad, I'm not prime, I thought it was >49$ only…

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          great timing if you want to sign up for a (trial) prime membership
          given prime day is just around the corner

  • back in stock, price slightly higher $22.53, same rules apply

  • My order went missing now not available in stock to purchase again

    • +1

      It's been popping in and out at the $22-23 mark this month so just keep an eye on it. Should be able to grab it again.

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