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8 Reusable Stainless Steel Straws + 2 Brushes Drinking Set (30% off) $5.95 Delivered @ FSOnline


Limited quantity available - only 50pcs
Please use with coupon STRAWS30 to get the price above
This straw is not suitable for bubble tea. (the diameter of the straw is around 6mm)
Free delivery on all orders

Please feel free to browse our other items in the store.

Also, our previous post in OzB for reusable mask and network cable:

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    Choke to death on straws as I remember.


    These are great for inserting in the nostril of turtles. Make greenies heads explode for ever whining about plastic straws.


    The embedded energy of these products far outweighs plastic straws, especially in a country that incinerates it's waste


    Where's the deal?

    Same price on eBay and you get cashback as well.



      Yep go save potentially 12c! Possibly the same or inferior. We will not know unless someone orders both and gives us a comparison. Not a deal breaker for me.