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Fantastic Bowl Noodle 85g $0.80-$0.97 ($0.72-$0.87 with S&S, Min Qty 5) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Fantastic Bowl Noodle 85g
Chicken/Beef $0.80/$0.70(S&S)
Oriental $0.97/$0.87(S&S)
Min purchase 5 while stocks last

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    Same thing? $1.95 for 5 and less packaging/shipping and Oz retailer to boot.

    Nevertheless, thanks for the post OP.

    • +1

      No it's not. Cup and bowl noodles are in a different class to instant noodles.

      They have a bowl or cup for convenience, and can be cooked with boiling water from a kettle.

      They are actually a different type of noodle that cooks quicker.

      Apples and oranges.
      This is ozbargain not Oz alternative products.

      Oz retailer to boot? So what? Amazon generates lots of tax that go back to the Australian economy. It generates lots of jobs too. Who cares if it has an American parent company.

      These points are why you got negged

  • Just to be clear, I added the bit thanking the OP sincerely, since I didn’t want to appear to be derisive of a poster’s efforts which I always appreciate.
    Otherwise, if it’s bargain related, enlighten us.

    • Yeah, not sure why you're getting negged heavily.

      OP still worth posting but you still offered a decent follow up price.

      This site really has gone downhill the last few years.

      • +7

        Presumably because it's not the same product? Bowl vs packet.

        • Maybe those could have negged the guy could have explained their point of view?

  • MSG so cheap this day

    • and healthy too

  • I just made one cup and chucked it directly to the bin. oh well who knows , you might like it.

    • This is bowl not cup.

  • Fantastic Bowl Noodle 85g

    Fantastic is a bit of an exaggeration…

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