Samsung Galaxy S20 FE eSIM

I went to Telstra this morning to get a eSIM for the phone but they couldn't find the option in Settings. Jumped onto Samsung Live Chat and was told the Australian version does not support eSIM, said they needed to cut down cost (from the S20 line) and this was one of the areas. Surely the hardware capability is there? Wondering if it's feasible to flash a version with the eSIM, thoughts guys?

Edit: I got Telstra to change the number on the postpaid plan to my current Boost prepaid number. This is the best option as I won't need to switch between the two sim cards.


  • My guess is you probably can but you'll trip Knox.

    • yeah so I breach the warranty which is not ideal. Thing is I have another number that's my primary, the Telstra sim i was hoping to use purely for data. Guess my options are:

      1. Ask Telstra to change post-paid plan to my primary number - slim chance and risk of losing number
      2. Ask/wait for Samsung to update firmware to enable eSIM - slim chance

      Still bummed on Samsung's decision to disable this feature in Australia while other countries have it.

  • Has the FE got a different modem to the no FE edition? My brother has swapped to eSIM with Telstra on his S20, though he said it was a freaking nightmare getting Telstra to do it.

    • I think so, the modem is on the processor chip and Non-FE Australian S20 uses Exynos, FE 5G uses Snapdragon.

  • My s20+ uses a telstra esim no issue

  • @OP

    I am in the same boat, bought the Samsung FE no eSim.

    Your solution to change the number on the postpaid plan to your current Boost prepaid number makes sense I had a dual sim S9 before and used boost as my data from the following deal

    Did you use boost mobile as your data simcard?

    • No i previously ported my number to Boost on a similar deal so that was my sole sim card. I then signed up to the JB Hi-Fi mobile plan on Samsung FE but wasn't able about to port my number because the plan was only available to new Telstra customers, so i was thinking of running two sims until i found out eSIM was disabled here. Was surprised they allowed me to switch numbers, though i think if i was with any other network it wouldn't be possible.


        did you end up signing up

        • Yeah so I signed up to JB Hi-Fi Telstra plan, then ask them to change the number attached to the monthly plan to my Boost number. That's one way of bypassing 'new customer only' condition of the plan.

  • I am in the same boat….
    i actually did google and i did trust google… but…google did not tell me that not esim in australia

  • is this for the 4G or 5G version of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE ?
    coz the CPU are different, so…. is there any hope to get eSIM support for the more expensive 5G version with snapdragon 865?

  • I checked with Samsung Sales on their website, unfortunately no dual sim or esim on Galaxy FE edition be it 4G or 5G :(