Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC Banggood Pre-Order

Hi all,

has anyone received their Poco X3 from the Banggood Pre-order deal? (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/565705). I ordered mine (64GB) on 15/09/2020 ands it's still processing. Estimated to ship before 29/09/2020.

Just scoping if its actually worth waiting any longer or if I should just cancel the order. Safe to say I won't be using Banggood again anytime soon…

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    Banggood were fine - Sep 17, 2020 00:32 - Order submit - Destination Brisbane.

    Got to Australia > Courier job went to ARAMEX (old FASTWAY), who was a nightmare.

    — Job was in Sydney for over a week with aramex "sorting"
    — Called them > "Yes its coming" > "Moved to arrived in Brisbane Depot"
    — "On Board for Delivery" for 4 days solid.
    — Sat at home waiting for them. (called them every day)
    — Really $hit customer call centre (on-shore)
    — no direct line with the depot.

    Got mine yesterday - 10/10-2020 - they just dumped it my door even though package says "signature"….

    Check your tracking : It's probably stuck with Crapamex.

    • Did you order the 128GB? I don't even have a tracking number yet. It's still "processing". When I contacted support they said they needed more stock from the supplier.

    • Was it factory sealed or inspected by banggood? Thanks

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        factory sealed ~ full plastic wrap

  • yes got it about few days ago

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      64 or 128gb Vanquish?

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        128GB grey

        • Thanks!

          Looks like the 128GB shipped out on time, delays with the 64GB.

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    Yes, but I’m still waiting for my order from Fukwell.

  • Anyone from Melbourne who wants the 64GB version PM me $300 with bonus

    Since i got some others in the ebay sale

    Edit: Meet at Melbourne Central, plenty of cameras :P

  • Hey Guys, If you missed out on mobile deals recently and in Melbourne and want the POCO X3 NFC

    My Deal and Bonuses are here

  • I bought from Banggood, was 1 of $200 to get the cheap preorder price and they just recently cancelled on me… Not happy

    • Seriously? That's insane. I was order number ~350, so I assume I will experience the same.

      I think they're running a scam with the intro price, they have it listed again for pre-orders but at 350AUD.

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