Xiaomi Poco X3 6GB/128GB 120Hz Screen Snapdragon 732G US$263.76 (~A$369.37) Shipped @ Banggood


Great Specs for the price. Has got band 28 and NFC. According to Youtube Reviewer MrWhoistheboss the low price is is offset by some occasion ad on web browser and such (which can be disabled). Seems like non-issue for me. Link to youtube video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uzqTBrEbDo

120HZ LCD Screen 6.67"
Snapdragon 732G
128GB Storage with MicroSD Slot.

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  • huh? this again?

  • Seems Amazon Germany won't ship to Australian shipping addresses?

  • "the low price is is offset by some occasion ad on web browser and such. Seems like non-issue for me."

    Malware baked into the browser, no thanks…

    • Its not Malware as mentioned on various reviews. Xiaomi is doing this aggressive marketing to establish Poco as next flagship killer.

    • Uninstall the default browser and add the one of your choice from your favourite app repository?

      It's not hard.

  • Ads all over the native apps and browser apparently. I'd steer clear of this one.

  • What's the camera like?

    • No/limited optical image stabilisation (lower quality night shots than flagships), but otherwise it seems pretty amazing (potentially the 10th best camera sensor on the market).

  • It's kind of weird pricing. My friend bought one from hong kong which is international version. It's about $35 dollars cheaper than the note 9 pro 6/128.

    I think this price will come down very soon considering new version of note 10 and note 10 pro with 120hz is coming soon. I'll wait for a few weeks and see if any feedback from other users before getting one.

    • If you want best bang for buck LCD 120Hz display Poco x3 is a real go. For AMOLED wait for Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro but expect to pay double (or more) the price for AMOLED.
      Different price point all together compared to Poco X3.

  • Xiaomi's are good if you're willing to flash ROM and don't mind heavy handsets

  • +5 votes

    Hey OP you can use coupon EMAIL5 for US $7 discount, making it cheaper than the recent AliExpress deal

  • I run the Mi Note 8 Pro as a temporary phone, the ads are well and truly minimal. I get them when installing apps, and that is about it.

    I use google chrome browser, get none there.

    Adding a launcher was a big help.

  • $351.74 Australian incl get n shipping now don't use code makes more expensive and kill shipping insurance th as 128gb version , via app

    • Agreed, for some reason the code makes it more expensive now. I just ordered for $357 shipped, including insurance

      • does your order shipped out yet? Or still processing?

        • Still processing. I think I saw somewhere it mentioned 'expected ship date before 30th September'

          • @mr626: How come the new current order will be shipped within 24hours? But the old existing order will be long wait until 30 Sep 2020. Very wired.

            • @maxall: Actually, I just finished live chat with them. It turns out my order shipped yesterday and they gave me a tracking number, its just the order page hasn't updated yet. So if anyone else's still says 'processing' it might be worth asking on live chat about the order

  • its $350 and change right now

    299 pieces left

  • What case does this phone compatible with? always my concern before purchasing new phone. I saw its similar to Poco f2 Pro.

  • Can I stack this with Shopback?

  • I've ordered it via Banggood, it said that "Estimated to ship before October 2, 2020"

    but I've stupidly combined with a SD which said "Estimated to ship before October 12, 2020"

    Will they ship separately or will I be waiting till November for their combined shipping.

  • hi OP, its @ $387.96 now on Banggood, there is a $20 off if you register, so total price will be @ $367.96? sorry for being a newbie :(

    • the US $20 coupons consists of

      "$3 Order over $20 all categories" + "$5 Order over $50 all categories" + "$12 Over $50 for fashion categories"

      You might only get $8 off if the coupons are stackable