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Xiaomi Poco X3 6GB/64GB US$213.90 (~A$293.80), 128GB US$263.90 (~A$362.20) Shipped @ AliExpress


NOTE: Price was edited to include GST.

As user adr8 pointed out - According to chinagadgetreviews(chinagadgetsreviews.com) & chinagadgets(china-gadgets.com) coupons POCOX3DDM5 & POCOX3DDM10 will provide a further US $5 & US $10 discount for the 64GB & 128GB respectively.

Without GST prices are ~$277/347 for 64/128 respectively.

This is a flash sale starting at 5:00pm AEST. I believe they are shipping 5000 units at this price. Newly released phone.

Snapdragon 732G
120HZ LCD Screen
64/128GB Storage
Quad Camera w/ 64MP main
Global NFC

Pretty insane specs for the price, seems like a bargain.

Note: ships from China.

If you order early you can get a free T-shirt too.

Mod 330pm: Title prices updated to include GST. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD.

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  • +7

    That's a good deal. I hope they make Mi max 4.

    • +5

      yes yes i am waiting for mi max 4 too…
      now still using mi max 3, i want nfc and wireless charging

      • Yep i'm still using my mi max 3 and love it but it's time to upgrade within 6 months.

        • hmm this poco only 6.67" you think we can be happy downgrading from 6.9" to this ? and no wireless charging oh why….

          i was thinking will jump to Samsung s10 ultra or something like that which has 6.8" at least

          • @ChiMot: I bought my mum a redmi note 9 pro with the same size screen and the screen is thinner. I don't like it.
            The mi max 3 wider screen is so much better and so far I haven't found a similar option.

            • +2

              @mckayver: Xiaomi confirmed Mi A4 and Mi Max 4 will not be produced

              • @Mortgagetightass: Man, that news hurt :-( Mi max 3 forever…

              • @Mortgagetightass: I'm unfortunately still on mi max 2 and need to upgrade soon. I love the wide screen. Been holding out for the max4 for so long that I might just bite the bullet and get max3. I know it's a few years old now but what other alternative is there. Maybe an 8inch tablet with sim card. Lol

            • +1

              @mckayver: thats what i thought too. very hard to go back after this 6.9"… ah….. world class problem
              maybe time to get samsung like i said before, but of course need to pay $800 (I'm after second hand) which is crazy since i got my mi max 3 for just $390-ish

              • +1

                @ChiMot: 800 bucks is too much for a phone. My limit is $500.

                • +1

                  @mckayver: years ago my limit is $400 then increased to $450 last year haha but i thought i can use all the saving from working from home (not paying trains) to make one time off exception this year

                  • @ChiMot: yeah each year my limit goes up $50. lol

              • @ChiMot: "world class problems" you mean 1st world problems..

          • +2

            @ChiMot: Just so you know, the 6.7" screen is simply a longer 5.5". so if you watch videos or anything like that, it's going to feel small and cramped.

            The only phone that's similar to mi max in form factor, is the black shark pro 3.

            • +1

              @Wonderfool: oh crap…. no way i can live with longer 5.5".. alright.. wont buying
              yeah my phone usage is 45% watching 45% games and the rest, social phone sms

              all the latest Samsung also like that? (the screen ratio long thin)

              • +2

                @ChiMot: Yeah long and thin is not good you need some girth. Lol

                • +2

                  @mckayver: Yeah, I want a Samsung that fills my hand, not to be used for stabbing people.

              • +1

                @ChiMot: There was another brand out there making giant ass budget phones that didn't start changing to weirdly tall screen ratios… I think they've been releasing updates lately.

                I see them pop up on AliExpress, I'll try to update if I find them.

                I feel they call then zenmax or something

        • +2

          Loved my max 1 and 2, but slight translation issues with my Chinese 'parents in law' resulted in me getting a mix 3 instead of max 3.
          Using my 2 feels sluggish beyond use now, and it may a well not have a camera.

          Hopefully if they do go max 4, they shove a 5g mid level 700 series SD in it, and a competent camera. NFC would be nice too. And they sure as hell better keep the ir blaster.

          I'd approve a near bezelless 7.2 inch fhd+ screen.

          • @Salmando: Still use the MM2 alongside my Redmi Note 9 Pro, (which has the same size display as the device in this deal), and yup…..the RN9P feels tiny.

            But whaddya gonna do? Can't wait forever on the remote chance that a worthy upgrade materialises.

            • @sir_bazz: Is the redmi note 9 Pro good?
              My max 2 just broke completely while I was waiting 4 months for the mix 3 replacement screen.

              I need a backup phone, and saw the redmi pro a couple times here. Might be perfect second phone for me

              • +1

                @Salmando: Aside from the fact that it feels small, (compared to the MM2), yeah I'm liking it so far.

                The Poco X3 would also be tempting if I was buying today but the RN9P, being a bit older, has the advantage of a now established development community, which is important if you're after custom ROMs.

                And a shame to read about your MM2 dying. I just installed A10 based Evox on mine and can't believe how smooth it is.

                • @sir_bazz: @sir_bazz

                  Hey mate, how did you flash your max 2 wirh A10 based Evox. I'm also using a max 2 and wanted to try this. Would you have a link for instructions on how I can do this. Thanks heaps mate. I love this phone and dont want to give the screen size up

          • @Salmando: yeah mm1 and 2, a bit far behind mm3 i heard. i am okay with my mm3 but being lazy i want to tap to pay ie NFC.
            nah, no more mm series i heard.

            this is all 39 phones 6.8" and bigger

            • @ChiMot: Didn't the max 1 have the best chipset of them? I recall it being a Snapdragon 660 which got reduced to the 632 or something for the successors.

              Thanks for the link, I wasn't having much luck finding them.
              Hopefully I can filter out the ones with non 16/9 screen ratios

              • @Salmando: The screen ratio, can't filter that…..

    • +3

      You'll probably need to add 10% GST on as well as any credit card surcharges and currency fees

      So maybe $305 and $385?

      • correct.

    • +2

      I was so close to pulling the trigger to black shark 3 Pro purely cause it's the closest thing I've got to a mi max 4.

      Instead I've decided to try out the lg v50, and as fun as this phone is, I still pick up my mi max 3 every day, wishing for the same phone with usb 3.1, band 28 and my head phone jack to be fixed.

  • +10

    Waiting for the anti-CCP comments

    • +46

      CCP is a great humanitarian organisation.

      • +41

        Communist jokes aren't funny unless everyone gets them.

        • lmao that's gold!

    • Here I am

    • +1

      'Our' comments

  • -1

    Band 28? Seems to from other sites but not sure how reliable that is..

  • +4

    Gosh its cheap - if only I had a need for it.
    Wonder how the CPU performs though, and interesting to note that it has a sidemount finger print sensor, not under screen.

    • +2

      Just a slight bump up from Redmi Note 9 Pro. SD 732 is a clock bump on SD 720 pretty much, same camera setup, 120Hz screen and faster charging but same 5000mAh battery.

      • When's RN10 ?

        • I hear you. I'm using the Mi A2, but I still have my trusty RN3. I might be one of the few people that actually like MIUI.

    • It's a pretty new chip, but I think it has very good performance at this price.

    • Mix 2S (SD845) to Mi 9T (SD730) - close to the same performance. The SD732 should be a terrific performer - in general use (ie no gaming) probably not much between it and an SD855.

  • +1

    Does that price include GST?

    • I am actually not sure, I'll try and figure that out now.

    • Price edited to include GST.

    • -1


      $366.13 au for 64gb

      $458.34 au for 128gb

      • Nope, it's ~$302AU for the 64, ~$377AU for the 128 including GST.

        • -1

          I don't think so best your gonna get

          $366.13 - $5 coupon = $361.13
          $458.34 - $10 coupon = $448.34

          Don't know where yoyyr doing the maths from.

      • How does $362+10%=$458?

        Do you have some weird insurance being added or postage option?

  • -1

    Is there any code? Shows $333 AUD for me for 6/64 variant

    • +2

      Slow down mate, it hasnt started yet

    • Flash sale starts at 5:00pm AEST.

    • 'Later Today'

  • With GST $366

  • Nice deal thanks for sharing.

  • Specs seem very similar to Redmi Note 9 pro…slightly newer chip is all i can see

    • Other difference includes 120Hz screen and 33W charging but yes, it's pretty similar to RM Note 9 Pro.

    • +1

      Better chip, 33w charging, 120hz screen.

    • +1

      Better speakers too

    • Redmi Note 9 pro has a dedicated SD card slot. That's a plus for me, coz I have 2 SIM cards in my phone.

  • My Huawei Nova 3e is starting to slow down and give me the shits. Is this worth upgrading to?

    • +4

      For this price, 100%

      Ridiculously good value for money. You won't get local warranty, but if that's not an issue then definitely go for it.

      • Cheers. I'm assuming there won't be any issues using this with Telstra pre paid?

        • +1

          Nah no issues, these phones are unlocked, plus it has Band 28 I believe for better coverage.

      • yeah the local warranty is a deal breaker for me personally…

  • using POCO F1 since Jan 2019, very happy with my F1 performance so far. this would be my next upgrade for sure, Thanks for sharing this deal OP.

  • Been waiting for Pixel 4a for the vanilla android experience. This is tempting tho

  • FHD+ screen is only downside :(

    • +10

      Why is that a downside?

    • +8

      will conserve battery.

      • true and the battery is a monster

    • might be pretty good if its non Pentile subpixel arrangement ( I mean not directly comparible to OLED of same resolution ) - also most content on streaming is there in 1080p but not many phones and or streaming services can combine to get you consistent 4K experience.

      1080P would hopefully benefit performance and go very nicely with that battery

      always depends on your usage I suppose - some document work being possible on such a large screen

  • +1

    i wish it were [email protected]

    • +1

      agree, 90Hz is good enuf stepup (in terms of Hz)

    • +1

      Wanna know why I don't like AMOLED display? Polarised sunglasses/prescription sunglasses basically make the screen blank. Any other kind of display allows you to actually see what's on screen, even with modest brightness.

      • +1

        haven't experienced that, mostly coz i don't wear polarized glasses myself? but good to know, tks!

        i enjoy amoled coz the true black and saving a bit battery in dark mode.

      • +1

        hmmmm.. Upgraded from my redmi note 7 (LCD screen) to a Mi 9T (AMOLED screen) specifically because the LCD screen only worked sideways while wearing polarized sunglasses, where as AMOLED screens seem to work both ways (horizontal & vertical) with polarized sunglasses.

        Am I missing something here?

        • Maybe it has something to do with the prescription? All I know is, with any AMOLED display and using polarised sunglasses, it makes things almost impossible to see, might as well say blank.

          • @Bamboozle: aint that the same with LCD? years ago i remember some dude on youtube did one of those "DIY spyglasses" on his computer screen

  • +1

    Good deal, but keep in mid the deal on that site doesn't show the actual original price, the actual rrp of the phone is 229 - 269EUR.

  • Good deal with this price. The rrp is insane.

  • +1

    so this snapdragon 732G is better than 865+ or what? cant find any detail comparison between them

    • The 865+ should beat the 732G, although that is expected as it is a flagship chipset.

    • -1

      Nah I don't think it's better, just very comparable.

      From what I read, it's very near-flagship speeds.

    • +1

      865 will smoke this CPU. It's inferior to the 855. Not saying it's bad though.

    • +3

      The 865 is much better, but aside from gaming, you won't really feel it.

    • +2

      Antutu about 300K vs over 600K, more like 50% of 865

    • +1

      Won't notice differeence except for in games.

  • Allowed me to order it now…. Anyone else tried?

    • The flash sale hasn't started yet, so if you order it now you won't get the cheaper price.

      • Go to Live stream NOW! Early bird price start soon!! [World Premiere Sales In Stock on Sept 8] POCO X3 NFC Global Version
        Color: Blue
        Ships From: China
        Bundle: 64GB
        (Xiaomi Official Store)

        $ 238.80 1 piece $ 23.88 $ 262.68

        US$23.88 tax
        US$262.68 final price.

        bugger…. canned and reorder later.

        • O_O You ordered without checking to see if it was the discounted price?

          • +5

            @interfreak: buy first think and check later mentality…. :D