Best Price on CX - 9 Touring FWD

Hi all

Wondering if anyone can help me with a “decent” price guide on new Mazda CX 9 Touring FWD for me to negotiate with the dealer.



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      I was advised it’s not really a must to get a AWD for city driving.

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        It's not but neither is getting an SUV the size of a boat for city driving.

        AWD will help if you ever tow anything, better traction in adverse rain/snow weather and if you ever find yourself on off-road/unsealed roads. The driving dynamics are also better and it gives you general better grip on the road.

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          Not really.
          I have had a similar size suv for many years and have towed a trailer, a 4.2mr boat and a 14ft caravan. There was never any loss of traction or unusual handling experienced.
          Dirt roads were also fine.
          I find it better than rear wheel drive which tends to loose traction far easier in the rear end.
          Naturally common sense must prevail as it should when driving any car. A suv will not handle like a Hyundai Getz and a driver must remain aware of this. Quality tyres with correct pressure and a balanced load is also necessary as it would be with any vehicle.
          Test drive an awd & a 2wd and decide for yourself.

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          It doesn't provide better grip at all. It provides better traction.

      • Buy a Kia Carnival then.

  • around 10% from RRP?

    • I wonder what decent is as a percentage…

    • aim for 10% off from advertised price. CX9 is already reduced atm from their original RRP

    • Might struggle with that based on the current covid stock shortages, though not sure the cx9 is as 'in demand' as some of the others currently suffering demand outstripping supply

      • true. I got offered cx9 sport for 42k which is on daw special for $46k and the original rrp is $49990. There is a shortage atm.

  • Why do you need a MASSIVE SUV for city driving? Easier way to save money would be to get a smaller car.

    • Perhaps they have several people to drive around.
      A small car might not be as suitable for multiple car seats etc etc

      • That's why I'm asking - if that's the case, sure. If not, let's look into other options. Many people don't really think about it, and just buy a big SUV because marketing.

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        That’s right. Have several people and hence after a large SUV

  • CX-9 has a very tight 3rd row, with low headroom and no ventilation despite being a large car. No good for Australia.
    You could try a Pathfinder. Doesn't have Android auto or Apple carplay but has great hdmi tvs in the rear seats. Has a good 3rd row with head, leg room and vents.
    Otherwise a people mover.
    2wd is more efficient, no transfer case or drive shaft so no future problems there. It's a question of if you need 4wd for off road, snow, or hammer it at takeoff at the lights. That's all.

  • Bought a Cx-9 sports FWD with mats, tints and front parking sensor for 42.5. Add the difference for Touring and start negotiating down from there.

    • Thanks. I've managed to get it down to $47000 for Touring with mats and tints included, haven't signed it yet.

      • check if you are eligible for corporate program and you can get 3 years free servicing

        • Yes, I did mention to the dealer and he said that the list of companies has been updated recently and will need to be checked with Mazda Australia.