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[Pre Sale] 4pk Kogan 10W Colour & Warm/Cool White Smart Bulb $29.99 + Shipping (Free Delivery with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Same as this popular deal here. It's now presale for $29.99 for a pack of 4. Ships on 7th Dec. Lowest price so far. Even cheaper than similar ones you can find on Aliexpress.

Price + Shipping. Free shipping with Kogan First. (can sign up for Free trial, remember to cancel)

Available in 10W E27, B22, and 5W E14. Compatible with SmartLife/Tuya

Create the perfect ambience for any occasion and update the look of any room without moving an inch with these innovative, affordable colour and white smart bulbs.

  • Transform your space with 16-million colours and dozens of pre-set scenes
    806+-10% Lumens with 25,000-hour lifespan
  • 2700 – 6500K Temperature range
  • Remotely manage via the free SmarterHome™ app
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice control
  • Energy-efficient design with scheduling feature
  • Value pack of 4

The RGB+CCT colour feature combines RGB LED with white LED at different colour temperatures to generate enhanced white light compared to non-CCT bulbs.

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  • dang, no gu10 :(

  • Any reviews in these bulbs?

  • network drop out too often, regretting for buying kogan smart light.

    • When did you buy yours? Is it the same model as this?

      Kogan used to have the old RGBW Ambient smart bulb?

      Did you contact them for warranty or replacement?

  • I've had these for over a year now, and they work almost perfectly. Occasionally I have one that goes a bit rogue, and just turns on or off randomly. But I've noticed that across all my smart home devices.

  • I have the Kogan RGB+CCT ones as well as the non-CCT ones. The CCT ones produce proper daylight white on full (fairly bright), but the non-CCTs produce really weak white (other colours seem ok). Advise avoid the non-CCTs if you need bright white. In term of wifi, both models occasionally became non-responsive once a week or fortnight needing to be restarted (turn switch off and on) to reestablish connection. Definitely not due to wifi signal strength as I have Google devices at the same locations that never lose connection.

    • Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. I have the non-CCT version (8 Bulbs) now for almost a year now and I have only had to restart a couple of them maybe two or three times. Quite happy with them as they get used very very frequently in terms of using Google and Alexa to turn them on and off. I'll try the CCT ones next

  • First time smart bulb user here. Do you need a smart hub for this? Or can we just download an app to control these bulbs. Also do bulbs have mics in it?

  • Anyone know if these could just be controlled from a phone or other remote without hooking up to a home router?
    I have a bunch of old e27 video/photo light housings lying around in the garage that hold between 3 - 7 bulbs each that I would like to try these in. Only thing is I would be taking them out to various locations away from the house so need a solution on how to control them.

    • Nope. Not unless you can run your phone as some sort of MQTT server and point your bulbs directly to it using Tasmota or something.

  • Here’s hoping Amazon Prime day will offer some cheap Phillips Hue smart lights.

    • I got my Hue bulbs on Prime day sales over the past 2 years. I think it's highly likely.

    • Do you need the Hue Hub to run the Philips bulbs? I'm a bit confused from my reading.

      Currently dipping toe into the whole "smart home" and have a (very small) handful or Tuya controlled devices ( and then through to Google Assistant).

      The Kogans or the Philips (or something completely different) ?

  • Do these run an ESP8266 chip? If so I'll grab a bunch.

  • Can anyone confirm whether these are dimmable from the smarterhome app?

    • Yes they are fully controllable from the smarterhome app (dimming, colour changing, timing, scheduling), also from the Google Home app or with google home voice controls

    • Google Home app works pretty well - when I first got these it was very basic control in Google Home, but they have now adopted colour and brightness control in the app.

  • Does anyone knows if Kogan's bulbs will work with IFTTT?

  • I bought these 2 months ago for $40 - they're pretty awesome!

    I use them on soft box studio lights and having the smartphone app to change colour temperature is next level (I don't use the RGB as much as I thought I would).

    I'd maybe use these as a reading light, but wouldn't use them as ceiling lights coz I'd prefer to use brighter (14w) Philips LED globes that go for ~$3-4 per globe when they're on sale at Woolies.

    Initial pairing was a PITA because once you've screwed it in, it asks you to flick the light on and off in a particular sequence AND timing which I kept stuffing up - took about 20 minutes to realise I'm an idiot and to get the sequence right and after that, it synced with my phone and WiFi pretty quickly.

    You do need the Kogan Smarter Home app to control the lights, and it does sync with the Google Home app (I didn't try Alexa) which was also a bit of a process. But since I don't have any other smart lights at home, I just stuck to using the Kogan Smarter Home app.

    The app is pretty straightforward to use when everything is connected.

    • Not true that you need the Kogan smarter home app. You do need an app but it's not true it has to be the Kogan one. These bulbs are based on the tuya platform and as such work with the Tuya Smartlife app. The Kogan app restricts you to just Kogan smart products, so no mixing and matching unlike the tuya app

  • Anyone got both these and yeelights? How do they compare, brightness, responsiveness?

  • Anyone know if these can be used with home assistant? Possibly with tuya-convert?

  • What u don't understand is the fact it says 806 +/-10% lumens

  • Are these less tall/long than the previous model? They didn't fit in our sockets.