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Kobo Clara HD E-Reader - $148 + Delivery @ Harvey Norman (Online Only)


Good price for the Clara. JB has dropped to $169.

Online only. Delivery for me was $7.95.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Last week was $129 + delivery after the $50 LattitudePay discount but this is still a great price

    I prefer these to Kindle Paperwhite. Combine with libgen/z-lib and Calibre and you're all set.

    • I'm a long time Paperwhite-r. But I got my wife a Clara HD and linked it to my library account and now I'm so jealous at how easy it is for her to borrow and read books.
      I kinda want one now, but I have a fairly big library with Amazon. Not that I'm likely to re-read any of them, any time soon.

      • My eye has been caught by the Onyx Boox eReaders. They run Android so you can put the Android apps on for Kindle, Kobo, libraries, etc and not lose access to anything you've already bought. They're a bit pricey though, but the flexibility is hard to beat.

  • Prime day is this week. Guaranteed discount then

  • Great device. Totally hackable. Able to upgrade storage by swapping out micro sd cards (just have to pop open the backing). Custom firmware with koreader turns it into a beast.

    • Hackable to read your Amazon library?

      • There's a method for doing that (not related to custom firmware) and you'll probably find a guide online pretty easily but the gist of it is that you get an older version of the Kindle desktop reader. Then you sync it with your Amazon library, which downloads all the books in …. I don't know … an older format with different protection. Then you can use Calibre to convert to an ePub format. (you can also go back the other way if you've bought a book in ePub format and want to copy it to your Kindle)

        Once you've got it going it's not a lot of effort.

  • Got a Kobo Libra as my first e-reader, and really enjoying it.

  • How much manga can the Libra H2O hold?

    Both this and the Clara HD have 8 GB in storage, but the Libra doesn’t have expandable storage.

  • It would be prefect if they offer a Usb-C connection

  • oh my gosh, thank you! Been waiting for a deal on this…. but worried if it might be cheaper come black friday.
    Wish I had a crystal ball …….

  • How do these work with public libraries - do they work with the adobe digital editions epub format?
    Update: not to worry, it appears to use the epub format and can use overdrive account for your library

    • It's also done directly on the device, so no need to plug into the computer and use Adobe Digital Editions.

  • Oh my god I was waiting for this and didn't realise it was on sale. Damn it.