[Unobtainable Deal] [Prime] Apple AirPods Pro $299 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Just saw this when browsing upcoming deals. Looks like a good price.

Note - starts 9am 13/10!

Other deals found –

Mod 1010am: The deal never eventuated at 9am, nor is it listed in upcoming lightning deals, moved to forums as unobtainable. If it does become available in the future, a user can post it as a new deal post.

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  • +1

    Price match at officeworks?

    • Do they do it for things that require memberships?

    • As long as if it's not limited to Prime Members

    • -1

      Might sell out quick so bit risky

      • This deal is exclusively for Amazon Prime members.

        • FYI - just did a price beat for the normal AirPods just now.

          so do give them a try too.

  • +4

    Aren't these usually $299 previously in ozb?

    • +3

      Yes, and there are longrunning pricematch deals to get it 300-320 from officeworks

  • Will it be like eBay plus lottery? Where bots compete with humans !!

    • +11

      why would bots compete? this is like around the avg price it sells for nowadays. barely any resell profit at this price

  • +4

    How do you browse upcoming deals like this?

    • Ye how do you?

    • +10

      on the app:

      • press the three lines in the top left corner
      • navigate to today's deals under programs and features
      • select the middle tab upcoming

      on the website:

      • navigate to today's deals in the main menu just under the search bar
      • on the side panel, under availability, uncheck the active deals box and leave the upcoming box checked

      I feel like an amazon support bot 😂

      • haha i know you're not amazon support but is there a way to filter by "Sold by Amazon AU"? I don't want to see half the rubbish deals from third party sellers.

    • Just click on "today's deals", then select electronics, and then keep going forward until you find the 9/10am deals

    • +2

      For Prime Day, peek upcoming deals here: https://au.finance.yahoo.com/news/amazon-prime-day-201416660...

  • +3

    If you miss out, Mediaform has it for $316 or around $300 with OW PB.


    • +2

      It’s $328 at Catch. $301 after 8% off gift cards. Wait till weekend for targeted $15 coupon. You can easily get it for $287 and if you sign up with referral it will be $277.


      • +2

        Gift cards, coupons and referral codes all together is the OzBargain way. Nice. Also 8% cash back possibly. That’s cheap.

        • +2

          No cashback with gfs and codes

  • -1

    Any chance of Xiaomi Ultrawide monitor coming in for the sale ? 😛😛

  • +2

    I don’t understand why people thought these amazon sales would be better than the eBay plus ones - these seem terrible

    • +5

      Amazon usually have decent stock levels, and don’t usually sell out in 2.5ms of the deal going active…

      • +2

        Amazon deals don’t sell out as quickly because they’re usually not stupid cheap like ebay deals.

        • +4

          what's the point of stupid cheap ebay plus deals
          when most people can't even buy it since it is sold out in less than 1 second.

          rather get it on amazon at a reasonable deal price
          and at least you know you have a better chance to get one..

          Also amazon checkout system is a million times better than ebay's DUMB checkout..
          On amazon, if you grab the item when it is available, it is held for you for like 10 mins until you checkout.

          • +2

            @pinkybrain: Don’t get me wrong. Amazon over Ebay any day. Just explaining why they don’t sell out as fast as ebay

            • +2

              @Phil22: I understand…

              but ebay plus deals is just shit even if the prices are insane
              which they drip feed x amount of units every hour (and therefore you need to waste your entire day thinking the next hour I might get a chance and giving you false hope)

              Most of the ebay plus purchases are snapped up by bots and a few lucky people in less than a second..

              Ebay plus insane prices deals don't actual benefit most of ebay plus members (since most miss out).
              The only thing these stupid ebay plus insane prices deals purpose is to sign up more ebay plus members..

              Ebay plus has no true value/benefit (unlike Amazon prime which has alot of real benefits)
              other than the few times each year where they put these stupid ebay plus insane prices deals
              which they say see "this is why you should join ebay plus"
              which most ebay plus members can't even get.**

              • @pinkybrain: You know it’s bad when ebay paid me to join Plus

                • +1

                  @Phil22: of course they "pay" you..
                  cos they know that their shit membership program has no true inherent benefits…

                  only time you actually make a profit ($1) is when they give you $50 for $49 membership

                  after that they try to get you to rejoin by giving a $30 voucher for a $49 membership
                  which results in you losing $19 for no real benefit

  • +5

    Not live yet?

  • +3

    Not live , whats going on?

    • Just to add to it, while browsing for upcoming deals earlier , I could not see this deal anywhere.

      Don't know where OP got this from and the screenshot?

      • Yeah I couldn’t see this deal anywhere either

        • +1

          Yes. Same here.

          I am a bit skeptical on this deal and the screenshot OP shared above.

          It says deal starts at 9 : 00 , dot
          But all deals usually start at 8:59 , 7:59 etc.

          So, I am thinking the screenshot seems doctored

      • Yep I found it last night but when I looked again this morning it was gone.

        • You did? That's a relief then.

          We should ask OP about it

          • +1

            @OneIdiot: I did by following skido’s instructions and scrolling heaps. The only thing was it didn’t list a price for me so not sure how to have seen the $299 price.

  • +3

    not live, I’m confused

  • +2

    Not live - or is this tomorrow?

  • +1

    confused too

  • Can someone call Jeff and check?

  • Maybe tomorrow as the non-pro version is live? - https://www.amazon.com.au/Apple-AirPods-Charging-Latest-Mode...

  • not showing on lightning deals…
    9pm maybe?
    cant see ps4 pro deal up either.
    keep checking back maybe?

  • Is this 9am standard time? Or 9pm?

  • +1

    We dont even know the day. Could be tomorrow. A screen snip with no other context isnt that helpful.

  • had it as "watched deal" and it disappeared. damn.

  • Back in stock now

  • The AirPods are back!

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