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[Prime] SanDisk Extreme Pro MicroSDXC 400GB, V30, U3, C10, A2, UHS-I, 170MB/s R, 90MB/s $89 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Sandisk Extreme Pro MicroSDXC, SQXCZ 400GB, V30, U3, C10, A2, UHS-I, 170MB/s R, 90MB/s , 4x6 SD Adaptor, Lifetime Limited, Red/Black (SDSQXCZ-400G-GN6)
It's a no-brainer at this price. Averaging ~$150, lowest according to Camel was $117.
Excellent bang for buck considering the 256GB Extreme Pro is currently listed at $82 on Amazon! The 400GB standard Extreme (slower) is listed at the same price $89!

Write Speed: up to 90MB/s3
Read Speed: up to 170MB/s3
Video Speed: C10, U3, A2, V30
Form factor: microSDXC
Capacity: 400 GB

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  • I bought a 256gb the other day and now it's on sale, what are the chances of them refunding the difference instead of having to go through with a return?

    • Maybe not a refund, but more likely store credit - I've seen others report getting credit here.
      But doesn't hurt to ask nicely for a refund.

    • They'll refund you the difference, if it's the IDENTICAL item. I can't even count the amout of times I've bought an item full price which subsequently went on sale immediately after. Just contact them via email in the app and they'll do a diff refund.
      Just buy and return.

    • you can buy this then return the previous order

  • Just ordered one for my dash cam, which just happens support 400gb storage. Thanks op.

  • This is a nice deal, but ended up getting the 128GB instead because GoPro8 is limited only to 256GB